Miss Kitty’s Saloon – American brunch with an Aussie twist


Last Sunday morning, we went to Miss Kitty’s Saloon to celebrate burger boy’s mum and Gypsy Cider Kid’s birthday.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

Miss Kitty’s Saloon in my view, has given the American brunch an Aussie twist. I fell in love with American food on burger boy and I’s honeymoon 3 years ago. I recall going to a New York diner and having a HUGE plate of pancakes with bacon, eggs, hash brown and maple syrup.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon menu features the traditional American brunch items but caters to the average health conscious Australian foodie who is happy to indulge every so often on the weekend by offering smaller portions & adding healthy elements to the dishes.

For instance I was surprised to find my Chicken & Waffles ($19) topped with salad…

Miss Kitty's Saloon

The waffles were hot and fluffy. The chicken was crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and the combination of sweet and savoury worked. I do however like to keep my sweet and savoury separate so after a few bites, I started to lather butter on my waffles and had the chicken separately with the salad 🙂

Portion-wise, I am a big eater so I was still a bit peckish after my chicken waffles so I had a slice of burger boy’s toast and we shared wholemeal(?!) doughnuts ($6) which was served with a side of custard and toffee apple.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

Our teenage cousins had the Buttermilk Flap Jacks served with sticky bananas ($12.8) …these looked great and I would have gone for these if they were served with strawberries instead.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

burger boy had the Chorizo and Slow Cooked Eggs ($17)…

Miss Kitty's Saloon

My sister-in-law had the Stone Baked Mushroom Tart served with egg and topped with hollandaise sauce ($16)…

Miss Kitty's Saloon

We were served complimentary orange slices after brunch which was a refreshing touch…

Miss Kitty's Saloon

I loved the saloon décor, there was plenty to look at…

Miss Kitty's Saloon

An old spring bed hanging from the roof…

Miss Kitty's Saloon

Plenty of peanuts of course, and denim pockets on our booth seats…

Miss Kitty's Saloon

I also spotted heads of pigs displayed prominently behind the bar, which did make my stomach churn a few times 🙂 however I hear from all accounts, the suckling pig is tasty.

How cute is this cup and saucer?

Miss Kitty's Saloon

Service was brilliant – all our food arrived at once and the staff who looked after us were both friendly and attentive. Brunch was about $25 per person which we were happy to pay for the quality service and food.

I can’t wait to head back to Miss Kitty’s Saloon to try their supper menu.

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