Bacon & Cream Cheese Bagel at Stimulatte

Whoever came up with this cream cheese bagel, bacon & caramelised onion combo at Stimulatte in Subiaco is awesome. So simple yet so tasty.

Cream cheese bagel with bacon & caramelised onion

I was introduced to Stimulatte last month and I’ve been craving their bagels every day since. We went there for a breakfast brainstorm and it def was a great stimulatte 😉

The latte I had was smooth and gave me the morning caffeine kick I needed..


I also had a fresh apple juice whilst my meeting counterparts had more adventurous juices with beetroot in it…

Apple Juice

As tempted as I was I didn’t take foodie photos of everyone’s breakie as it was a work meeting. However, I did spend a bit of time admiring the loyalty card wall and watching regular customers using their cards – thought it was really clever as I can never find mine which is usually buried in my purse amongst receipts, business cards and other random things.

Stimulatte Loyalty Wall

I loved my experience at Stimulatte – it’s a cool, hip and tight venue with friendly service and quality yet different menu items. I mean how often do you see bagel on a breakfast menu in Perth? It’s cool that you can SMS your coffee order through and I love the name Stimulatte!

What’s your morning stimulatte? Mine is def a latte – one to get me out of the house, another to get me thinking once I’ve got to work :)

Stimulatte on Urbanspoon

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  2 comments for “Bacon & Cream Cheese Bagel at Stimulatte

  1. February 8, 2013 at 4:25 am

    I’ve been craving bagels since forever! And after reading 2 posts about them this morning, I’m really going to have to find or make some soon!
    The Life of Clare recently posted..A Western Australian Adventure

    • February 8, 2013 at 8:41 am

      Look forward to hearing about where you find good bagels Clare :) and if you’re making them, recipe please!

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