burger boy takes on The Angry Moose


I had last Friday off my day job to prepare for the Beaufort Street Festival and really enjoyed my lunch date with burger boy at The Angry Moose.

Although it is a burger joint, I must say the strawberry milkshake is top notch. You could tell that there was plenty of ice cream blended through as it was deliciously creamy and the strawberry flavour was just the way I like it, nice & sweet.

Strawberry Milkshake at The Angry Moose

burger boy and I both went The Angry Moose burger and added bacon. The beef patties were nice & juicy, bread was soft enough to bite into but make sure you wear black and get lots of napkins from the front counter as its super messy. We made a good mess of our wooden boards 😉

The Angry Moose burger with bacon

The chips were nice & chunky and served with a creamy aioli.

Chunky Chips at The Angry Moose

What I thought was cool about The Angry Moose is that it has children DVDs running on the TV during the day  to cater for families.

The Angry Moose family friendly area

Plus, it was ultra funky with cool wall art and red and yellow chairs.

The Angry Moose - cool wall art

The Angry Moose is a great addition to the Mount Lawley strip. Service was quick and friendly, we were approached on entry and told that we can order at the counter when ready. It is a huge space so it helps to know what to do to entry 😉

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