Breakfast at Gusto and Scutti for continental rolls – loving South Perth!

Even though South Perth is just 15 minutes from my place, I don’t seem to head that way that often – on Saturday I visited Angelo Street twice in the same day. I had breakfast with my friend who is a South Perth local in the morning and then again with burger boy in the arvo as we happened to be in Como.

What I love about South Perth is parking is quite easy to find, even when you don’t really know where you’re going 😉 I found free 2hr parking around the corner from Gusto.

When trying new cafes, I never know whether it’s table service or if you have to go up and order first so it was great that the menu clearly said to order at the counter. The menu looked great, there were so many delicious breakfast options to choose from and again like I did last week at Vans I had the “do I go savory as per usual or go sweet as it looks more appealing?”…I went sweet. I’ve never had home or house made crumpets before so I was completely intrigued and it was delicious. Nice & fluffy over a bed of yoghurt served with pear, berries and peanut gravel.

Best of all it only the crumpets only cost me $13.50 which was amazing considering how amazingly presented they were and the creativity put into it!

Crumpets at Gusto

My friend had the provincial poached egg, baby spinach, grilled tomato and ciabatta ($18.50) which looked delicious…

Scrambled eggs, tomato & ciabatta

We had also noticed “the lot” at the neighbouring table, I was tempted to pull out my iPhone subtlely and take a photo but didn’t 😉 the lot had poached eggs, bacon, hash brown, tomatoes, chipolatas, mushrooms and toast for $19.50.

The latte was light and smooth which was perfect for a Saturday morning and just the way my friend likes it.

Latte at Gusto

I had breakfast for $18 in an ultra cool café in South Perth and had a wonderful catch-up with my friend who I hadn’t seen in months – the best way to spend a Saturday morning after a crazy busy working week.

Gusto Food on Urbanspoon

I was really impressed with Gusto and Angelo Street, so much so I was back on the South Perth strip in the afternoon. I did hear the pull pork and halumi was yum at Gusto but I thought eating there twice in the day was overdoing it so we went over to Scutti for the first time. We had continental rolls for lunch and I stocked up on some fruit too – we could have easily walked out with more though as the pre-made arancini, lasagne and Italian desserts looked amazing.

Scutti, a Taste of Europe on Urbanspoon

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  2 comments for “Breakfast at Gusto and Scutti for continental rolls – loving South Perth!

  1. October 31, 2012 at 6:38 am

    I live in the South Perth area and shop at Scutti every week yet I have never gone to this place.Gotta check it out!

    • November 10, 2012 at 2:05 pm

      hehe Gusto is literally across the road from Scutti 😉 I was actually quite excited to stumble across Scutti. I can’t believe it took me so long to explore the South Perth cafe / food strip.

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