Aisuru Sushi’s sushi flower changed my sushi taste buds

Mahara and I were way overdue for a catch-up so we thought what better way than to try out Aisuru Sushi in Northbridge. Being just down the road from Mahara’s work, she’s been eying Aisuru Sushi off and saying we should go there for the last few months so it was exciting to finally put it the taste test in hope that it would taste as good as it looked from the outside.

It’s $2 BYO per person so we got a bottle of Amberley Chenin Blanc to share as we decided what to order…there’s plenty to choose from!

The yakitori beef was my favourite…the beef was so succulent & tender, and the sauce was sweetly delicious…

Yakitori beef skewers

The chicken yakitori was just as tender and flavoursome…

Chicken yakitori

Oh and then came out the sushi flower which completely changed my view of sushi.

Sushi flower

We’re both not big sushi eaters but these didn’t last long! The egg instead of the seaweed was a huge winner for us and the plum sauce instead of the tangy mayo used normally was delicious (if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I have a major sweet tooth). The egg and sauce which encased the sushi worked really well with the avocado and teriyaki chicken – oh and we were super impressed with the presentation.

Mahara’s favourite dish was the wagyu tempura which like the yakitori the beef just melted in our mouths and the tempura was light & tasty.

Wagyu tempura

The sweet corn tempura was a dish which came highly recommended by WA foodies & food bloggers so we had to have this dish. It was nothing like I’ve ever had before, the light crisp as you bite into it and then the sweet sensation at the end – AMAZING!!

Sweet corn tempura

The only dish which we didn’t eat was the teyaki beef which was lightly seared. We didn’t read the menu properly when ordering this last dish and Mahara and I don’t eat sashimi or anything raw. We did ask the kitchen to cook it a little bit more for us but it came back with little cooking which I completely understand…but we couldn’t eat it and it was a waste to leave it behind. We’ll know better and will read the descriptions properly next time.

Teyaki beef

For dessert I had the green tea ice-cream which was quite strong in green tea flavour and nice & creamy, the way it should be.

Green tea ice-cream

Mahara had the banana split – portion-wise it was a lot more than we had expected, check it out:

Banana split

I don’t eat bananas, I think it’s the one fruit I can’t physically digest. There’s other fruits I don’t like (e.g. paw paw) which I can still eat despite not liking it. So Mahara was on her own – I did eat the kiwi fruit & strawberry off a couple…she did really well and ate 7. They must have been good 😉

We had a wonderful experience, the décor is beautiful, service was quick and I was impressed with the iPad ordering system. It was $90 which I thought was reasonable for the quality and I’ll be back again.

Aisuru Sushi on Urbanspoon

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  2 comments for “Aisuru Sushi’s sushi flower changed my sushi taste buds

  1. July 27, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    That banana split looks bizarre! I have heard such mixed responses about this place – the corn tempura would nearly turn me back to gluten for one night……but its just NOT worth it! Boo so unfair!
    Chompchomp recently posted..Mushroom Mania: Divido, Mount Hawthorn

  2. July 29, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    Raw is the only way to eat beef, unless it is connective tissue, like cheeks. Yum, carpaccio, tataki, whatever, if it’s raw and high quality, I’m there.

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