Inglewood Hotel – home to Perth’s best chicken parma!


burger boy and I have just come home from dinner @ The Inglewood Hotel. I’ve been there for dinner only one other time and from memory I had the Guinness Pie which I don’t remember much about, so it mustn’t have been spectacular. On the other hand, burger boy and all his friends are always raving on about the parmas @ Inglewood Hotel so much that when burger boy said we were going to have Perth’s best parma tonight, I knew exactly where we were headed.

I had been in the car most of this afternoon and was feeling a bit out of it – that’s what I get for writing & reading whilst the car is in motion! Anyway, I was really keen to sit outside The Inglewood Hotel to get a bit of air so instead of ordering in the restaurant, we ordered at the bar.

First impressions were great I was pretty excited to see Monteith’s Apple Cider on tap – my latest alcoholic craving 😉 I was very happy with my $4.50 midi of cider – posing along side burger boy’s beer below…

burger boy had the famous chicken and ham parmigiana

I had a bite and it’s true, it really is the best parma in Perth. It was crispy but not to the point that it was too crunchy / hard to eat and the sauce was delicious – it wasn’t your usual tomato paste/pasta type sauce…there’s just something about it and you really need to try it to know what I mean! It was a good portion and the chips were yum.

I ordered the seared scallops and twice cooked pork belly served on a corn puree with a crispy apple and mint salad:

This dish was delicious, loved everything that was in it. The pork belly wasn’t too fatty, scallops were a nice size and cooked to perfection (nice & juicy) and the crispy apple and mint salad complimented both the pork belly & scallops really well! The apple also tasted great with my apple cider!

I really enjoyed this dish and completely cleared the plate – I think if I was hungrier it wouldn’t have filled me up  – but I do have a large appetite.

I was extremely satisfied at this point…we had spent $62 for the two of us which I thought was excellent value and the food was quality.

I really didn’t need it but I had seen the citrus pannacotta with praline, granite and watermelon on the dessert menu and temptation got the better me…

It looked amazing, and at first the praline, granite and watermelon flavours tasted fine but after a few spoonfuls the flavours become a bit too much. Plus the pannacotta itself was very thick and was almost ‘chewy’. It wasn’t bad but I won’t be ordering it again, I think we should have ordered the malteser and mars bar cheesecake instead…it was what I really felt like but my love for pannacotta got the better of me!

Dessert although didn’t blow me away, didn’t change my foodie experience at The Inglewood Hotel – I will def be back for their food & drinks!

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  1. We used to eat here once a week, as we always went to the music quiz. We ended up changing locations a year or so ago, and I haven't been back there since. Never had the parma either, so I think a return visit is in order. Well, once I'm back in the land of the gluten eating! Conor @ Hold the Beef recently posted..Happy Mum Day

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