Snow Ice & Crepes using my $1 Icey Ice Scoopon


I’ve been visiting the new Icey Ice in Plaza Arcade in the Perth city during the week quite a lot recently…

My craving for Icey Ice started when I purchased a $1 Scoopon which prompted a visit one Sunny work day 🙂 For $1 I couldn’t believe I was able to order anything up to the value of $10, you can’t even buy water for a $1 these days! This is what I had…

Lychee Snow Ice

The lychee snow ice tasted almost creamy and the lychee flavour was delicious. I’ve also had the mango flavour which is yum too.

Butter & Cheese Snack Crepe

The crepe was soo fatty but tasted soo good…

My friend with her $1 Scoopon had the Nutty Creative Ice with Strawberries and Banana, the spoonful I had tasted amazing…

What I love about Icey Ice in Plaza Arcade is their commitment to customer service. I went by last week with a ‘buy one, get one free’ entertainment book voucher not realising their store wasn’t listed on the back of the voucher (being a new store they weren’t yet participating) but they said they would still honour the offer which was lovely.

If you haven’t tried Icey Ice before, they specialise in flavoured shaved ice. Who would have thought shaved ice could be so tasty!!  The different Icey Ice flavours and products are listed on their website

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  1. Aww Icey Ice I miss you! Can't have it lately as I'm not including lactose in my diet at the moment, and I was pretty surprised to be told that every single ice flavour contains milk - I hoped that maybe the green tea flavour might be milk-free. Will just keep sticking to bubble tea for my treat :) Conor @ Hold the Beef recently posted..The Amazement Begins
    • Bubble Tea is a very good alternative - I love Utopia's Winter Love & their Lychee Smoothie (sorry I know you can't have this!), I use to have bbt more than Icey Ice but with all these vouchers / discounts coming my way I just couldn't resist... and now I'm hooked!

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