Half price cocktail night at Carnegies – a Wednesday night routine


Cocktails at Carnegies followed with ribs @ Lacker’s Grill has become a monthly outing with my buddy Rock Chic.

Although Carnegies is nothing fancy, it has a relaxed ‘pub’ atmosphere which I enjoy especially on a weeknight after work. Although I must admit, I do have a soft spot for Carnegies as this is where burger boy and I unofficially became an item 5 or so years ago.

The cocktails at Carnegies tastes so good and just seem to go down so smoothly…and I love them even more when you can have two for the price of one on Wednesday nights from 6pm!

My favourite cocktail is the L’Amore it tastes just like a mango smoothie but alcoholic! This cocktail actually goes way back to burger boy & I’s ‘courting’ days – maybe the name says it all…L’Amore = Love in Italian 😉 I’m so glad it is still on menu!

Another cocktail which I enjoyed was the cocktail of the week ($10) which was a combination of two shots of bacardi, a can of club orange and a slice of lime. We couldn’t wait til 6pm for half price cocktails so this was perfect and very refreshing, it tasted like an alcoholic fanta but not as sweet.

Oh and I had the same thing again at Lacker’s Grill – honey bbq ribs and the swirl dessert – I enjoyed it as much as I did last month – you can read my Lacker’s Grill review here.

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