Friday farewell drinks @ The Boheme, new bar in the Perth CBD

Last Friday, we went to The Boheme, a new bar on Murray Street, for one of my favourite work colleague’s farewell drinks.

The drinks were decently priced, I was paying about $8 for a glass of wine. The Boheme looked nicely decked out and had a good crowd & ambience about it. Kind of looked like a mid-range version of The Brisbane.

I shared the chorizo pizza with a couple of the girls – from memory it was around $20. It was pretty similar to the pizza I had at the Metro Bistro Bar – nothing fancy but good price for what it was.

If you haven’t already, The Boheme is worth checking out. Gets pretty busy & loud as you’d expect in any bar, and if you’re quick there’s a few comfy leather couches around.

17/6/11 – post update / The Boheme lunch review

It was The Biggest Loser finale at work today, The Biggest Loser lost 11kg and the runner up 10kg – amazing!!! My weight fluctuates week to week so I had no chance of winning but it was good motivation to exercise whilst it was still warm. To celebrate we went for lunch at The Boheme. It was great to be able to try their food in a sober state and I can confirm it tastes pretty good!

When I first got there I wasn’t starving / was in a lazy mood and wanted something easy to eat…but the steak baguette $22.50 sounded great so I ordered knowing that it could get messy!

To my surprise it was not at all hard to eat, the steak were cut into thin bite size pieces and was cooked perfectly as requested ‘well done’. The steak baguette had a yummy tomato, red onion, roasted capsicum salsa which I was first skeptical about as I don’t really feel like salsa with steak but it was a smooth paste like sauce and you could really taste the roasted capsicum which I love.  The steak baguette was served with nice chunky hot chips with aioli. I usually swap the aioli for another sauce as it usually gives me a oily feeling but this was nice & light, a perfect compliment to my chips.  Oh and the bread was soft and easy to eat…no crumbs made at all!

It was a wonderful lunch, service was great – everything came out within 15 minutes and I received service with a smile. All for $31 including my glass of wine.

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  5 comments for “Friday farewell drinks @ The Boheme, new bar in the Perth CBD

  1. Majki
    November 23, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Love the revamp of this place and James Squire beers on tap but went there to grab some dinner before a gig a few weeks ago and decided on the large lamb pizza to share with my bf. for $28 we both thought it would be a decent size but what got was a pizza smaller then a dinner plate! It tasted good and luckily I was kinda full from drinking beer but for the cost it definitely wasn’t worth it especially since besides lamb there wasn’t any other toppings on it! Your sandwich looked good though! Maybe next time I’ll go for something like that!

    • November 26, 2011 at 6:23 am

      Yea the pizzas aren’t massive The Boheme, when I had mine it was after a few drinks too 😉 but yea the burgers & steak sandwiches are all winners. Decent size, price & tasty. Let me know what you think when you try one :)

      • Kin
        August 9, 2012 at 4:03 pm

        At $9.50 for a schooner that makes it aroud $13 a pint, and you think prices are reasonable? Where is it the Breakwater?

        • August 17, 2012 at 10:31 pm

          I didn’t really look at the beer list to be honest Kin but I expected to pay $8 for a glass of wine – wouldn’t get that at the Breakwater!

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