burger boy’s love for Alaskan King Crab


With junior burger almost ready to come out and play, burger boy and I can’t really plan any overseas trips in the short term but we do love our Alaskan King Crab. So when I was approached by Cruiseabout  to write about the culinary delights of cruising Alaska, I thought I’d share our love for crab in this sponsored post.

Being Asian, crab has always been a dish I have with my family on special occasions. My fav Perth Chinese restaurants to go to for Singaporean Chilli Crab are Dragon Palace on Francis Street and Chinese Northbridge Restaurant on Roe Street. Although from my last posts it seems like we’re due for another visit as it’s been awhile and we had lobster instead of crab last time I wrote about my go-to Chinese banquet restaurants!

burger boy does enjoy his crab but doesn’t have it often as he doesn’t like the work involved in getting to the meat, this is the mud crab he had in Singapore at Newton Circle in March…

Singapore Newton Circle Singaporean Chilli Crab

So no surprises burger boy was pretty excited when Singaporean Chilli Crab was introduced as a limited edition pizza on the Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar menu. This crab comes from the seas of Alaska and Aleutian Islands and is delivered to our business shelled 🙂

The Alaskan King Crab has a sweet flavour, juicy white meat and rich texture. It tastes amazing topped with shallots and caramelised onions on a hoisin sweet chilli and garlic pizza base, garnished with fresh coriander.

Uppercrust Crust Pizza Singaporean Chilli Crab

Cruiseabout reckons the Alaskan salmon, berries, sourdough bread and moose stew are also worth a try but I’m not sure if I’d be game enough to try the moose!


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