Celebrating Chinese New Year’s Eve @ Northbridge Chinese Restaurant


My family left booking a restaurant for Chinese New Year Eve a bit late this year, but luckily my bro managed to get us a booking for 8.30pm at one of our favourite Chinese restaurants – Northbridge Chinese Restaurant on Roe Street.

By the time we were seated at 9pm (as expected being Chinese New Year Eve) we were all absolutely starving. I was so glad I decided to exercise after work which had distracted me from hunger and filled me with water which stopped me from snacking before dinner and ruining my appetite.

We ordered the seafood banquet for 6 ($206)…

Steam scallops (12) with garlic sauce

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This was my favourite dish – have always loved the way the Chinese cook / serve scallops. Scallops were a good size and were succulent.

Baked lobster with E Fu noodles

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Really happy that the lobster was served all cut up, just the way I like it, nothing staring back at me. The lobster was sweet, didn’t have that bitterness that lobsters sometimes have (not sure if this is just me being fussy / if anyone else has noticed this before). The noodles served with the lobster was yummy, I could eat a whole plate just of the noodles with that sauce!  I also didn’t get that achy feeling I normally get from this dish at other Chinese restaurants so I reckon there wasn’t much msg used – very happy about that!

Steam tooth-fish

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Omg the fish was heaven, same as the lobster there were no eyes staring back at me – must have been my lucky night!
The fish just melted in my mouth.

Baked saltry chicken

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I was actually quite surprised with this dish, normally the chicken in this dish is very white with a bit of redness near the bones. This wasn’t the case for Northbridge Chinese Restaurant’s version of this dish at all – flavour was better than the usual too.

Special styled bean curd

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A tasty tofu / bean curd cooked in a savory sauce with bits of prawn and scallops through it.

Seasonal garlic vegetables

Yummy Chinese greens, crunchy and tasty. My dad was surprised to see burger boy dig into this dish – burger boy never use to eat any fruit and veg (that is until he met my mum who was convinced she could convert him, as she did with my future sister-in-law).


Fruit platter was just sliced oranges nothing special.The sago was ok, rock melon tasted a bit chewy though.

We also ordered an additional Seafood Ho Fun Noodles dish, I thought it needed more seafood and it was a bit plain but according to my parents that’s the way Hong Kong styled Ho Fun should be (at least in taste anyway, they agreed re the amount of seafood).

[singlepic id=78 w=320 h=240 float=none]

They ran out of soup which also was part of the banquet which I normally love, but being such a late dinner we weren’t at all fussed and the food came out within 10 minutes of ordering and we were all full 45mins later.

Good food and a happy belly – definitely the way to start the Chinese New Year!

Wishing everyone good health and a prosperous year of the rabbit!

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