The Brisbane Hotel – where burger boy and I started to fall in love


I have a soft spot for The Brisbane Hotel as it was where burger boy and I’s romance first began. We were just colleagues at the time but I always looked forward to our Friday work drinks at The Brisbane. It started with a group of us but as our other colleagues moved onto new roles/ventures, burger boy and I continued our Friday night drinking traditions even though it was just the two of us. Needless to say the time we spent at The Brisbane Hotel blossomed.

So when I was invited to The Brisbane Hotel for their $25 Tuesday Roast & Red special, besides enjoying and loving their food & drinks anyway I was keen to head there. burger boy however had his basketball grand final so I took my little brother instead.

The roast meat which The Brisbane have on their Roast & Red Menu all the time is chicken and whilst I usually love chicken, it’s the only thing I haven’t been able to eat since being pregnant with junior burger. It’s a bit odd but I think this food diversion started at the beginning of my pregnancy when I ate roast chicken three days in the row. I couldn’t stomach it from then onwards. From what I hear, all odd food cravings and diversions go away after pregnancy. I have my fingers crossed that this is indeed the case as I do normally love chicken!

Anyway my brother on the other hand loves his roast chicken and thought the “stuffing was amazing, it wasn’t like the usual bland stuffing you get and acts almost like a second sauce in addition to the gravy”. He thought the chicken was a good portion but nothing special – it was the stuffing which stood out for him.


The Brisbane’s house Shiraz which was matched with the roast is not the usual cheap house red which some restaurants match with their weekday specials. The owner tells us, it is made for them by West Cape Howe.

I was a bit excited to hear that since I visited The Brisbane last month, they have decided to introduce a changing roast special each month in addition to the chicken. In July there’s the option to upgrade to a Chateaubriand for 2 with Glass of Shiraz each for $60 and next month I’m told roast pork is on the cards! Check out The Brisbane Hotel’s facebook page for further details.

I was back at The Brisbane last night with my friends and Perth food bloggers Chomp ChompPerth Munchkin and Beth Bolt (the social media guru behind Buy West Eat Best’s WA’s Signature Dish campaign) for a casual dinner. I was tempted to share the Chateaubriand with Chomp Chomp but my cravings tend to change daily so I wasn’t keen to preorder. I am glad because I ended up having this Beef Cheek Ragu Rigatone ($25.90) with tomato and parmesan which hit the spot…

The-Brisbane-beef-cheek ragu-rigatoni

The beef cheek was tender, rigatoni cooked al dente and sauce wasn’t too rich. In a few weeks, The Brisbane Hotel will be having a Sunday pasta & wine special for $29, from what I hear the rigatoni will be available as part of this special.

I also had the same pear frangipane which I had my last visit…


I love that there was plenty of custard and a massive scoop of ice cream to dunk my pear frangipane in.

It tasted very similar to my favourite blueberry and pear dessert which burger boy’s Italian mum makes…


Disclaimer: I dined at The Brisbane Hotel as a guest last month to try out their Tuesday $25 Roast & Red Special, my second visit was personally paid for. See my disclosure policy for further details.

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