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22/11/13 update – Thanks everyone for entering my Wiltshire Enamelware competition and sharing your Christmas food festivities! Congrats to winners Wendy Le Fevre, Melissa Jones & Katherine Ryan who have each won a super cute retro Wiltshire Enamelware Set.  

Here’s what Wendy, Melissa & Katherine will be eating over Christmas:

Wendy “It’s always a seafood BBQ buffet at our house. That plus a delicious pavlova and Christmas pudding makes for an amazing Aussie Christmas lunch!”

Melissa “My little boy loves fruit a lot. This Christmas I’ll add variety of fruit salads to our traditional feast”

Katherine: “Rolled turkey roast (so much easier than an actual turkey and always moist!), roast potatoes and plenty of salads to go alongside. Then plenty of turkey leftovers for the next few days

For your chance to WIN 1 of 3 super cute retro red Wiltshire Enamelware sets (valued at $52 each) just share what you plan on cooking (or eating) this Christmas by 20/11/13. Last year we went to burger boy’s family’s place for an Italian feast and my family’s for a American BBQ cook up so I’m looking forward to doing (or eating) just the same this Christmas (last year’s double Christmas feast is featured in this post).


Wiltshire Enamelware can go straight from the oven to the dining table and is available exclusively from Woolworths. The enamel element of these dishes distributes heat evenly and I hear they are durable (fabulous seeing as I’m pretty clumsy) and easy to clean (again fabulous as I do all the cooking & cleaning in my house).

The oblong pie dishes come in a small 16cm RRP $4.95, medium 20cm RRP $6.95 and large 24cm RRP $9.95. Baking dishes come in a medium 28cm RRP $12.95 and large 34cm RRP $16.95. To find out if you local stocks these sets, call McPherson’s Consumer Products on 1800 651 146.

Look forward to hearing all about your Christmas foodie plans!

Competition T&Cs

  • Competition is open to all foodie cravings readers with an Australian postal address.
  • Three foodie cravings readers who have commented here with what they plan on cooking (or eating) this Christmas will be randomly selected to win a Wiltshire Enamelware set valued at $52.
  • Competition closes midnight Wednesday 20/11/13 and winner will be notified by email / announced on foodie cravings facebook page, twitter and blog Thursday 21/11/13. If the winning reader doesn’t respond within 72 hours with their postal details, foodie cravings will redraw the competition and notify new winners.

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  1. My Family and i are do the traditional full roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and puddings , and if it happens to be a typically hot christmas day , afterwards it seems to be a competition who can be the furtherest away from the oven which has been on all day ... but most importantly the food is TASTY... !!
  2. Given I'll be in Cairns in ridiculous heat, we tend to have cold prawns, cooling salads and ice cold cocktails! Sometimes I wish I could have the hot lunch with roasts and baked desserts but it really is not possible in the heat :(
  3. Christmas is a bit of a feast in my family, we start the day off at my sister's for roast turkey and the trimmings, I am instructed every year to make my special pigs in blankets (I sneak a bit of cranberry sauce in between the pig & the blanket) after lunch we see more family & eat more delicious things. This year, as well as my famous pigs in blankets, I'll be making a Christmas chutney to have with cold ham & leftover turkey.
  4. Whoops, I hadn't thought about it yet! I know there'll be yabbies from the dam, in addition to full roast, and I hope there'll be plenty from our veggie garden which is still sprouting. Some good cheese, Mum's homemade pud and pav, plus ample local sparkling!
  5. Alena Tompkins on
    I will head to my sisters on xmas eve for her traditional 'open sandwiches' - something our mother used to do with just us girls as we dressed the tree on xmas eve growing up. This consists of all the best European cold meats and cheeses, bread, seafood, mince pies and other deliciousness. Then it's over to my sister-in-law's for xmas day lunch (we rotate between hers, mine and my mother-in-law's each year)We each bring something to add to the feast - I always do an interesting and slightly whacky salad but my current xmas winner is pomegranate, walnuts, diced Lebanese cucumber and diced tomato with a handful of spinach. Then we pick a meat to bring (I usually steer towards ham cause I like to have a reason to have one in the fridge over the festive break)
  6. I'm going to try and do a full English Christmas spread for my partners parents i'll be meeting for the first time from England and i'm terrified i'm going to ruin the Yorkshire puddings. If i had this set i know at least one thing would be impressive!
  7. Christmas cake! The cake full of dried fruits and nuts and cherries :) a classic, I mean it isn't Christmas without the cake. I also love gingerbread men! Decorated for the season :) Happy Holidays!
  8. Christopher Brame on
    Garlic prawns, fresh prawns, sweet chilli squid and fresh crab with chilli and garlic. An all seafood affair.
  9. We always go to my in laws who are Greek. They have the big "Greek feast" complete with lamb on the spit. I'll be making Dried Fruit Ornaments. See below for the how to! Get large pieces of different types of dried fruit, pierce a hole near the top of each one, thread a piece of string or ribbon through and tie end. They can now be hung around a small Christmas tree centre piece for guests to help themselves to or to be purely admired. Use your imagination and you could hang them anywhere! Even hiding them around the backyard and house and making the kids find them. Not only is this fun for the kids but they get a healthy treat at the end of it! I'll also take some home made Christmas damper shaped in a star, served with lashings of butter, jam, honey or golden syrup!
  10. Roast pork and veggies for everyone, and my Grandad's nut roast for me (I'm vegetarian). But it's really all about the desserts at my house! Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, the obligatory pavlova, mince pies and Christmas cookies! Animal-friendly cookies for the four-legged members of our family. Nobody misses out!
  11. This year we are travelling down from the tropics of QLD to Melbourne to spend Christmas with the family. We go all out with the traditional roast chicken, turkey, pork, crackling and oodles of roast veggies smothered in gravy. Living so far away from most of our family it's fantastic to catch up!! Also I love eating leftovers for the next few days, yumm Turkey sandwiches.
  12. Natalie Stoute on
    It's my husband's family's turn to host Christmas Day this year so I'm looking forward to a Trinidadian feast! Lots of crab, ham, curries, pelau, salads, macaroni pie and black cake. Not to mention rum, lots of rum! I can't wait :)
  13. Sharon Ververis on
    Mixing it up with friends and we are sharing cooking duties. BBQ, a bird, seafood, spare ribs and an array of summer salads like coleslaw with apple. a beautiful punch and a delish spread of home made desserts.
  14. We always have a family lunch where everyone contributes a couple of dishes (generally cold food as we are in Qld and its always stinking hot). This year we are doing the ham as my husband has just bought a Yoder Smoker which he is SO excited about. I also plan on doing my Ultimate Bean Salad and I haven't decided on a sweet yet. Normally I do a terrine but I'm giving that a miss this year. Yum, can't wait :) Thank you for such a great giveaway!
  15. My Mother always swears by her Wiltshire Enamelware. This year we are staying put for Christmas, just immediate family, so it will be lashings of salads & fruit & pretty much grazing all day.
  16. In WA's sizzling summers heat,there is no sizzling done in my kitchen on Xmas day> It's cold prawns,crabs,and mussels. Variety of cold meats and many of types of salads And of course homemade pav and Xmas fruit mince pies
  17. Right now I'm baking a little bun in my oven! She is due just before Christmas so I think I'll just be taking microwave peas to the family get together! hehe
  18. Believe it or not we are having MacDonald's for Christmas lunch...we find that the family dont stress and the kids love it...
  19. I plan on cooking up a storm along side Mum as we do our week long labour of love. Everything from baking and making a gingerbread house, chocolate truffles, turkey with all the trimmings and so much more. And after all that, I bet you all I eat on the day is prawns. I love them, so always position them in front of my seat. And it'll be good this year because my little nephew loves to peel them, but not eat them. Win win :)
  20. We'll start our Christmas morning with slices of Stollen and coffee, moving on to gorgeous fresh summer fruit... Lunch will be cold ham on the bone and lots of salads, with big slices of Wild Bakery sourdough, plus roast turkey and gravy for those of us who can't help themselves! Followed by a beautiful summery dessert of meringues with fresh mango and cream... Oh and champagne of course!
  21. I plan on eating in moderation well as much as I can - lots of fresh fruit salad , Lime and coriander marinated cold chicken and all kinds of salads because Central WEST NSW is HOT Home made Pavlova might make the menu and mum's shortbread stars if I'm lucky.
  22. Over the last couple of years, we have added a bit of a competition element to our Christmas feast - in 2011, it was whose salad was the best (we ended up with 16 salads), last year it was desserts made in tiny plastic shot glasses (we had 12 different desserts prepared) and this year it will be 'nibbles'. It adds a little bit of fun, the kids love it and the voting system is always terribly flawed after everyone's had a few drinks!
  23. My most anticipated dish this year is more of a decoration... I'm making a little gingerbread christmas village. With 16 adults and 5 kids around the table, I'll make a little house for everyone, and the kids will help me decorate them on Christmas Eve. They should be cute, sweet, and best of all, EDIBLE!
  24. Sailor Jerry spiced rum and lime glazed ham and my grandmother's family German Biscuits (two mixed spice biscuits with jam in the middle, icing on top and sprinkles of course). Merry Christmas :-)
  25. We just planned our menu this week: Full breakfast consisting of bacon, bbq mushrooms, cheesy-spiced baked beans, fried tomatoes and hash browns served with fresh fruit and cream. Lunch will be roast turkey, roast vegetables, prawns and salads. Dinner will be a seafood bbq and salads. And dessert consists of choosing from pavlova, tiramisu, ice cream sandwiches and pudding, after lunch and dinner. Served with cream.
  26. I will be making my great grandma's prize winning plum pudding and using the 90 year old charms and coins that she used to use. (Just need to make sure no one swallows any of them!)
  27. My family just love to cook and there are a few chefs in the mix too. Every year we choose a different theme and go all out. This year we are doing Christmas Brazilian style! We're having Vatapa de Galinha, Feijoada and Caipirinhas to quench our thirst!
  28. Katherine Ryan on
    Rolled turkey roast (so much easier than an actual turkey and always moist!), roast potatoes and plenty of salads to go alongside. Then plenty of turkey leftovers for the next few days :)
  29. With the chance of hot weather, the full roast-and-trimmings isn't an option, but I've got my eye on a Moroccan-style chicken tagine, to be served with fresh salads, and followed by home-made peach ice-cream...
  30. We have a family get together via a camping holiday over Christmas so will be having a tasty bbq with salads and yummy camfire oven damper
  31. We have a "pork crackle" festival on christmas eve, then rolled roast turkey with gluten free special sauce, ham and heaps of salads for lunch, I'd love these trays as my one broke the other day and red is my colour! Fingers crossed for me.
  32. We've got reservations to go to Will Merrick's Sarong restaurant in Bali. Last year we had Christmas dinner at his Mamasan restaurant. Not a traditional Aussie Christmas feed but a wonderful and memorable way to celebrate Christmas.
  33. Throwing caution to the winds and ignoring the heat. It's time to cook up a turkey roast, and potato bake and hmmmmm..... sticky date pudding! Air conditioners in Oz are made tough, so crank the oven and merry Christmas :)
  34. I have never played with enamelware before, but it seems like the best equipment for a BIG Chrissy meal. I could impress my MIL with some baked ham with a sticky marmalade glaze and a boozy truffle pudding with sour cherries. With ice-cream on the side of course to cool us down.
  35. If I was at my folks it'd be cold meat, salads etc with hard sauce, pudding and my grans famous choc fudge pudding. Instead I'm at home and I'm thinking we will end up at The Queens again which is fabulous, no dishes, lots to eat, my extended family and waiters bringing me wine....probably make grans pudding on boxing day ;-)

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