Superstar Waffles after a 7-course Chinese banquet @ Regal on Roe


burger boy has attempted to try Superstar Waffles two times before last night and each time it happened to be on a Thursday night when they were closed, so after a 7-course dinner at Regal on Roe he was keen.

Superstar waffles was packed, so we were lucky to find a table as soon as we got there. The waffle menu looked great, but I was completely stuffed from dinner which included a mango pudding dessert. So although I have a second dessert stomach, it was almost at capacity. So I compromised and went for the sweet milk waffle stick…

Sweet Milk Waffle Stick

The melted butter and condensed milk was a yummy combination on my warm freshly cooked waffle stick. Was the perfect portion too – just enough for me to have a taste.

burger boy had the chocolate waffle with vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup…

Chocolate waffle

burger boy ‘s waffle arrived last last and whilst we were all chatting, we didn’t hear a word from burger boy – 5 minutes later we looked over and there was nothing but a tiny bit of chocolate sauce left on his waffle plate 😉

Little Miss Bacon and my bro shared the peanut butter mousse waffle with maple syrup and caramel sauce …

Peanut butter mousse waffle

I love peanut butter and would have ordered this waffle if I wasn’t so full – I’ll just have to try it next time.

My mum had the classic waffle stick with a scoop of ice-cream…

Classic waffle stick

Mmm…can’t beat a warm waffle covered in icing sugar and maple syrup!

I had the Apple Pie Waffle when Superstar Waffles first opened and thought it was too dry for my liking but tonight everything was perfect. It makes a difference having Superstar Waffle experts little miss bacon and my bro, guide us with our waffle ordering.  Waffles were under $10 and the sticks were under $5, which I thought was really reasonable considering a scoop of ice-cream in Perth these days cost up to $5.

Superstar Waffles on Urbanspoon

Our experience at Regal on Roe was the same as my first visit with mum (you can read my last Regal on Roe review here). I loved the quality of food – all dishes were authentic, fresh and tasty. The service was a bit slow but friendly. I love the modern décor – it stands out from other comparable Chinese restaurants (i.e. Chinese Northbridge Restaurant). A preview of our 7-course Chinese banquet is featured below, check out the full album on my foodie cravings facebook page.


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