Happily stumbled upon Regal on Roe Seafood Restaurant…


I love impromptu dinners that turn out 🙂 burger boy was out having Indian with his bro & his mate the regetable at Zaika Indian Restaurant in Midland so I decided to take mum out for dinner. My super fussy Mum said to me that as long as it was healthy she’d go…I’m not one to choose healthy dinner options, for me it’s all about the taste. I wasn’t sure if Aisuru Sushi was healthy enough for my mum but I remembered it tasted amazing so that was where I had intending on taking her. However, we ended up parking on Roe Street and enroute to Aisuru we stumbled upon Regal on Roe Seafood Restaurant, which I haven’t ever come across…and I do venture out to eat in Northbridge a bit!

Anyway, we spent a bit of time looking into the restaurant and we were just about to walk away, when the table by the window was served up a steamboat which looked amazing. So the window seating technique worked – we were sold, plus mum was happy that we didn’t have to walk that extra stretch to William Street.

To start we had the fish maw and crab soup, I’ve just directly translated the name of the soup from Chinese to English so it probably doesn’t sound great but it’s one of my favourite soups. When we were kids we use to go out for Sunday night dinners with my family & their friends all the time and this is one of the soups we used to have.

Fish stomach & crab soup

It was nice and thick with plenty of fish and crab all through it. I love having this soup with Chinese vinegar…

Chilli, vinegar & pepper

Then we had two steamed scallops with XO sauce each…

Steamed scallops with XO sauce

Love the sauce, scallops were nice but I would have liked them to be softer so perhaps not steamed as long as they were.

Was also excited to see the Peking duck on the menu and that we didn’t need to pre-order (I thought Golden Fortune was the only restaurant in Perth that didn’t require pre-ordering!).

Peking duck

What I loved most about these pancakes were that they were freshly made by the Regal on Roe chef .

The second peking duck dish, the san choy bow was also yum, flavour was just right and not too intense and it was awesome that the lettuce leaves were massive which meant we made little mess and all the fillings stayed together.

San choy bow

Everything was served for us, Regal on Roe thought of everything. We were given wet towels which we normally only ever get when we’re eating crabs/lobster. All of the staff were lovely with the exception of one young girl who was a bit pushy– she kept trying to sell us more food / dessert. We had said a couple times that we were super full and no to more food and no to dessert, yet she came back with ice-cream menus.

Regal on Roe Seafood Restaurant is also a roast house on the side, serving BBQ Pork, Roast Duck and Roast Chicken. It was a great discovery and all in all besides the last 10 minutes of our evening, the service was fantastic. Dinner cost $72 for the two of us and we left stuffed with a healthy meal 🙂 which kept my mum happy. There’s nothing worse than taking my fussy mum to a restaurant she doesn’t enjoy, as you never hear the end of it!

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