Recipe testing for Beaufort Street Festival’s cookbook Recipes & Ramblings


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that home cooking has been few and far between since burger boy and I have started our own business. So I thought I would definitely be up for a real challenge when I volunteered to be a recipe tester for the Beaufort Street Festival’s new cookbook Recipes & Ramblings last year.

Beaufort Street Festival Cookbook Recipes & Ramblings

I really wanted to get involved but my time was limited so my sis-in-law and I shared our recipe testing allocation. I had a couple of pork recipes to test. Good thing burger boy & I love pork as that’s all we had that recipe testing weekend 🙂

Sticky Pork Ribs Recipe

So my cooking rookie mistake was taking the 15 minute pork rib recipe for granted, I skimmed read and took pork spare ribs out of the freezer to cook the next day. It wasn’t until I had finished cooking the ribs that I realised the recipe was meant to be for a rack of ribs as my first attempt was quite fatty…

Sticky pork ribs

Looked great though 😉 but taste-wise the marinade didn’t quite soak in. What I learned from testing this recipe is that the short quick ones aren’t always the best – the ones which are clear and leaves no questions are the best! It did really make me think about my mum’s special mango pudding recipe and whether I gave it justice when I wrote it!

Babi Kecap Manis Recipe by David Wijaya of Monggo (page 46)

Am excited to say the Babi Kecap Manis recipe I tested made it to Beaufort Street Festival’s Recipes and Ramblings cookbook 🙂 Although it did take me 3 days from marinating through to cooking and finally grilling it and serving it up for dinner, it was absolutely delicious and worthy of being included.

Cooking my Kecap Manis Pork recipe - day 3

My gosh the babi kecap was good, the pork was so tender and I love the kecap manis flavour…

Pork Kecap Manis

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes recipe by Richard Gonslaves as tested by my sis-in-law

Meringue Cupcake

Spanish Breakfast recipe by Scott Taylor of The Beaufort Street Merchant (page 9) as tested by my sis-in-law

Spanish Breakfast

Besides tasting my own recipes I was also very lucky to have a number of my work colleagues share their amazing recipe testing results with me 😉

The most amazing Mars Bar Slice recipe by Bianca Wych as tested by my cooking colleague JG.

Caramel Slice

Apple cider pie recipe by Vice President of CWA Perth Belles (page 102) as tested by my colleague Illiona

I had this apple cider for morning tea one work day…it was perfect with my coffee 🙂

Apple Cider Pie

Beaufort Street Festival’s very own cookbook, Recipes & Ramblings is available from Planet Books, Five Bar, Beaufort Books, Behind the Monkey and Empire in Mount Lawley for $20 and all proceeds goes to the Beaufort Street Network. It was wonderful to be involved with a such an awesome community project – it’s the ramblings behind each of the recipes that make it so special. I can’t wait to start working through the recipes as part of my new year’s resolution to cook more at home. First up is the lovely Cooking in Choos Truffle Risotto & Arancini, my crust customer service star Gisell D’Amico nonna’s Sicillian Caponata and Beaufort Realty’s Beef Bourguignon Pie.


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