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We had a team breakfast at the Greenhouse yesterday morning. I have been here a couple of times prior, most notably towards end of last year when I spilt my latte all over my food and myself first thing in the morning before work. As you would have imagined, I was spewing as I had barely eaten my eggs on toast and I was covered in my latte. The Greenhouse team was wonderful, they helped cleaned me up without a fuss and brought me out another meal and another latte on the house! I didn’t at all expect a complimentary meal/coffee and would have gladly paid, but Greenhouse’s kind gesture just made the day much better.

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Looking in my wardrobe yesterday, the only piece of ironed work clothing I had left for the week was a cream skirt – I really did think twice about wearing it especially because of my last ‘latte’ experience at Greenhouse. My team all ordered the wild mushroom, slow cooked eggs on toast ($16.50) – the egg is very runny so if you don’t like it too runny, I’d recommend mentioning it to the Greenhouse team, they do ask though but just in case. I had these eggs last time (without the mushrooms), so I ordered the salad of summer fruits, orange blossom yoghurt, freshly rolled oats ($14) and my usual latte.

I normally don’t order fruit / oats for breakfast (too light for me) and go the eggs, but I had been awake for a couple of hours & the natural wake-up hunger was gone. I really enjoyed the fruit and it surprised me really because I was expecting your usual watermelon, orange, rock melon, apple mix but it was a delicious selection of tropical fruits – peach, mango, grape fruit, plum and strawberries. The grape fruit blew me away as I’ve never had a sweet one here in Australia, they’ve always been bitter – the only time I’ve had sweet grapefruit was in Vietnam & Thailand. The latte was nice and definitely did the trick with waking me up / giving me that Friday productive work energy I needed.

I’ve only ever been to Greenhouse for breakfast, but I hear the lunch is good too. It’s pretty chilled-out and has a nice ambience about it. There’s no doubt I’d be back again for my next breakfast in the Perth CBD or for a drink or two after work one day.

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