Fine dining at Sentinel Bar and Grill, nice food but very expensive – we paid $28 for water!


During the week, we went to the new Sentinel Bar and Grill on St George Terrace for a colleague’s birthday lunch. It was pretty flash and looked its part but it was very expensive for a week day lunch. We ordered stilled and tap water, that was before we knew it was going to cost $28 for the six of us!

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I had the pan fried snapper, beaurre noisette, green beans ($41.50), my fish was cooked perfectly as were the beans and the sauce was nice. One of my colleagues had the same dish but some of her fish was under cooked. I manage to get a snap of the over-baked salmon which looked really good and a decent portion ($35.50) before one of my other colleague’s returned it because she had ordered the house cured salmon, fennel & frisee salad, citrus vinaigrette ($19.5) entrée. I hope that piece of salmon didn’t go to waste!

I heard that the steak which was served with onion rings as per all grill menu items ($42.50) was nice. The wagyu burger and fries ($26.50) looked really yum – in hindsight I wished I had ordered that instead as it would have been much better for the pocket / a more suitable lunch choice.

My foodie experience at the Sentinel Bar and Grill was ok, but I won’t be going there again for lunch during the week or rushing back.

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