Good bye Asian alcohol rash, bring on the wine!


When I drink any kind of alcohol, the first drink or so will make my face go blotchy red. It’s very not cool and can be quite embarrassing at work functions. I call this the Asian alcohol rash and if you’re Asian I’m sure you’re familiar with this term.

This alcohol reaction was always annoying but never a major issue for me as I would just go to the bathroom and pack on the foundation. However, as it was getting close to burger boy and my wedding last year I started to worry as I was keen to drink at the reception but didn’t want to go red.

On this predicament, my friend who owns a Celebrations and IGA introduced me to a very cool wine preservative remover called So2Go. So sceptically I tested it out under various conditions to check that it really worked – I tried it when I was tired, spraying it in different white wines, even in champagnes. I can’t say it works for all wines as I only drink white wine but under all different conditions, my blotchiness disappeared and all I’m left with are flushed cheeks which actually look quite natural. So ever since then this preservative remover goes with me everywhere and I love it to bits – I can’t believe that I didn’t discover it sooner, it would have been handy when I was working in the art industry going to all the opening nights!

I use the So2Go spray which costs $5 for a 5ml tube and lasts about 20 glasses. You just mix it into your wine before you drink it and if your body reacts the same way as mine then you avoid the Asian alcohol rash when you drink. So2Go does also come in other formats, check the So2Go website for details

So2Go Preservative Remover

It does look kind of dodgy though, we were at Steves Fine Wine & Foods (nice bar for a Sunday session) for my cousin’s 30th birthday last year and burger boy went own his own to buy me a drink, I didn’t think about it at the time and just asked him to spray my wine with my preservative remover…he was caught holding a beer and spraying my wine with some white tube…probably not a good look. I’m surprised burger boy didn’t get kicked out of Steves, but he did get some concerned looks from the bartender. burger boy has vouched never to remove the preservatives from my wines for me again 🙂

So2go is worth a try if you have the same problem as me, you can buy it online from their website or selected Celebrations (Stirling Celebrations definitely sell it). Let me know if it works for you, if you do end up giving it a go.


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  1. You gotta wonder about adding a chemical which is used as a bleach and odor remover for waste treatment plans, to a drink that creates a pretty normal reaction in people that have a particular gene. This same chemical is known for creating heart problems. I highly recommend you educate yourself on what you're adding to your wine (hydrogen peroxide)

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