Cooking with Niulife – Organic, fair trade coconut products


When Niulife gifted me with a box of their intriguing products to sample, I was excited. I love fresh coconuts; the aroma instantly casts my mind to summer holidays. The products are attractively packaged, have a delicious aroma and Niulife is making a difference. Their coconut oil is 100% village produced with all profits going directly back to the communities who make them. Coconuts are hand pressed within an hour of opening the nut, then triple filtered.

Niulife Ingredients Slice

Coconut oil – $10.95 Organic shredded coconut – $7.45

Niulife products consist of a variety of useful pantry staples; coconut oil (which comes in a variety of sizes), sauces all made from coconut including BBQ and teriyaki sauce, vinegars and chocolate spreads. They also extend to body products including soaps and moisturisers.

I wanted to see how well Niulife products would adapt to meals I already enjoy, so here’s the verdict.

I wanted to recreate a treat my friend had recently made – Cashew and Coconut Energy Balls.  My creation was a tad crumbly so I made it into slice instead.

Niulife Slice Before Fridge

Niulife Slice

Left in the refrigerator for a little over an hour, they are the ideal sweet snack.  A scrumptious mix of cashews, coconut, chocolate, maple syrup, vanilla and Niulife coconut oil, it’s a recipe that can’t be faulted.

Niulife Banana Bread Tin

I am very fond of banana bread and don’t make it as often as I should. This recipe was impressive and I’m sure it’s down to the Niulife coconut oil I used. While it was baking in the oven, the fragrance that permeated the air was mouthwatering.

Niulife Banana Bread

It was light and fluffy with the appealing taste of banana mixed in with the subtle hint of coconut.

Niulife Breakfast

Breakfast is pretty standard, toast some days, cereal on others. I mix it up a bit depending on what fruit is in season so this week I added Niulife unsweetened shredded coconut. The perfect combination of fruit, coconut and honey drizzled on top.

Niulife Dipping Sauce

Cocomino Original non-soy alternative – $9.75

Niulife non-soy alternative is a blend of wild-harvested coconut nectar, chili, onion and garlic with a pinch of sea salt. It’s 100% certified organic, fat free, gluten and grain free, dairy free, MSG free and vegan. Surprising really as the taste isn’t compromised.

Niulife Gyoza

Gyozas take me back to my childhood as my mum is the master making these and I can easily eat an unlimited amount. The best dipping sauce for them is soy sauce and a splash of vinegar. I substituted my usual brand for Niulife non-soy alternative and was quite impressed at the result. A little sweeter than I’m use to, the vinegar balanced it out.

Niulife Donburi 2

Donburi is an effortless meal that I make when I want my fix of Japanese food. My son likes it too so I was keen to see what he thought of the ‘new’ version using Niulife non-soy alternative. It was a winning combination and almost as good as the original. If you don’t make this regularly, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Niulife Salad

Coconut balsamic vinegar – $11.95

Niulife products are very versatile and are a welcome addition to my kitchen. They add a certain something to any meal and at the same time, it feels virtuous that all the profits from the sale of Niulife products are given back to the villagers who make them.

Products are available to purchase via their website or at various health food stores.


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