“Let’s Thursday Like We Friday” delivers a day of deals in the Perth city

There are a great number of excellent Perth restaurants and bars, with more opening all the time. However, the fact there are still only seven days in the week can present something of a calendar conundrum. When will you to get to that new all-organic Bolivian cronut bar that pops up at secret locations every other week?
Friends, we can but try. Naturally, maximising your available opportunities (and available finances) is the best way to tick off as many tasty treats as possible. Handily, a new council-backed campaign, the enthusiastically titled ‘Let’s Thursday Like We Friday’, could help you do just that.
There are 52 venues now offering food and drink promos to pull in the punters every Thursday, which seems like a smart move as people struggle for stamina (and cash) after a summer full of food and festivals.
Now, does approaching Thursday like Friday mean you’ll arrive at work the next day decorated with entry stamps from the club and sporting booze breath that would slay a kangaroo?
Not necessarily, though the LTLWF branding does promise a “city-wide party full of EPIC drink specials, entertainment, food offerings and so much more”. Irrespective of capital letters, it’s always a big call to use the word “epic”. So foodie cravings sent me to scope out some of the available options.
We began at Picabar on Northbridge’s Cultural Plaza. The understated venue offers a burger and pint for $20 as part of LTLWF, with a generous helping of fries thrown in to boot. The potato product was moreish though unremarkable, but the burger itself was pleasantly chunky and tender. Washed down with a local brew (Freo Doctor WA Lager, from Mash Brewing), I thought it represented excellent value for Perth.
Picabar burger
Our next stop was just around the corner in the shape of the popular Mechanics Institute.When the barman announced that our cocktail – “Hillbilly Bob’s Ruckus Juice” – was founded on 30ml of lager, I was concerned. But I was wrong, because the addition of spiced rum, ginger, lime, and Orgeat syrup resulted in a very drinkable, slightly sour concoction. This was a bit different to anything I’d seen elsewhere, so credit to the Mechanics for fixing a drink that’s different but tasty. The “Let’s Thursday” factor means it goes for $12 rather than the usual $15, and I’d say it might appeal to those who aren’t normally cocktail fans.
Mechanics Institute cocktail menu Mechanic Institute cocktails
We rounded the evening off at Pleased to Meet You on Roe Street. We were fortunate to sample a variety of plates, and they were all of a notable standard. Tacos were filled with tender and well-seasoned chicken, and the fried crumb coating – same bird, different dish – was delicious. The menu said the drumsticks benefited from a bourbon glaze, but we thought the crust had a lovely honey-like flavour.
Pleased to Meet You pork
We almost had a chance to break up the meat medley when lettuce leaves arrived, but they were crowned with Asian-style pork mince. The topping had a deliciously smooth texture, while a final round of burgers tasted hand-made and nicely charred. I was more focused on eating than photographing those, so the picture below features the smaller sliders, which seemed to go down equally well.
Pleased to Meet You sliders
We took in a trio of destinations, but if you check out the full list for LTLWF, I imagine there will be somewhere you’ve been meaning to check out for a while. Beer and wings at Petition Kitchen might appeal to hopheads, while it was only my determination to write this post that enabled me to swerve the Aviary’s $8 espresso martinis.
There are one more official Thursday to come under the campaign, though I understand some of the deals may remain in place. Warm evenings, discount deals and 50+ venues to pick from? Looks like a long weekend to me.
Disclaimer: foodie cravings was invited as a guest of David Gardiner PR. See disclosure policy for further details.

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Having moved to Perth from the UK, I’m getting to know the city by working my way through its cafes, bars and restaurants. I’m not sure if I have a favourite cuisine (all of them?) but I am enjoying Perth’s East-Asian options, along with the many opportunities for beer and ice cream.

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