Gelato Fun at Gelatissimo Fremantle


Gelatissimo located in Fremantle is the first of its stores to hit Perth, and is also the only store here in Perth.

Now I’m not an expert of gelato, in fact I only have vague memories of having it once or twice in my life. I was always an ice cream person and went straight for the regular ice cream store on a hot, sunny day. However everyone talks about gelato now, and I do love my sweets so I went for it.

Arriving to Gelatissimo, it was quite a small setup, which I actually found cute and fitting for a gelato store. There were a few small tables to sit down and enjoy your gelato – I preferred the outdoor tables as I find it relaxing to sit out on the vibrant Fremantle strip and watch everything around me while indulging in my gelato. Gelatissimo’s awesome, local neighbourhood vibe makes it the place to be if you want to have a laid-back Sunday afternoon with a friend.

The gelato was bright and eye-catching. Paolo, the store manager, told us that they had gelato for all dietary requirements such as gluten free, dairy free, nut free, 90% fat-free and sugar free. I also learnt that gelato (served at -13 degrees) contains less air content than ice cream (stored at -20 degrees). This means gelato does not melt as quick as ice cream – ideal for hot summer days where ice cream can melt faster than anything.

Gelato seemed to be ticking all the boxes at this point, but the deal wasn’t sealed until I refreshed my memory with some gelato tasting!

“Love and Let Dough” – chocolate chip cookie dough and caramel fudge

Gelato can be made either water-based or milk-based, both are tasty and freshly made in house at Gelatissimo. They often liked to change up the flavours every week so there’s always something new to choose from. The water-based gelato included flavours such as the “Mango” and “Lime”, which were very refreshing. That first taste of Lime was SO good – zingy and satisfying. As for the Mango – it was literally like eating a mango! Real fruits are used for their gelato so you can really taste that mango come through. Then you have your milk-based such as the “Hazelnut” and “Love and Let Dough” which was chocolate chip cookie dough and caramel fudge (one of my favourites).

In the making – Garnishes added to the cold “Love Me Mallow” gelato mixture

Paolo lead a masterclass and demonstrated how the Valentines Special flavour “Love Me Mallow” was made from scratch in-store. The gelato mixture was poured into a pasteuriser making it +85 degrees to kill the bacteria and ensure all the ingredients have blended altogether to make the right flavour and texture. After the mixture came out of the frozen drum nice and cold, it was combined with garnishes to create the complete flavour of “Love Me Mallow.”

End result of the Valentines Special – “Love Me Mallow”

Here it is! The “Love Me Mallow” – strawberry marshmellow gelato rippled with raspberry sauce and topped with crunchy coconut biscuit pieces. The end result was gorgeous! I couldn’t wait to have a taste, and when I did, it was a delicious, nostalgic flavour. It was a taste from my childhood that I cant quite put my finger on, but I loved it.

After this cool experience and tasting that heavenly “Love and Let Dough” gelato, I can say I will definitely not be hesitating to head to the next gelato store I see.

Gelatissimo is located at Shop 62, Market Street, Fremantle 6160
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-11pm

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was invited as a guest of Gelatissimo. See disclosure policy for further details.


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