My Perth date night for foodie cravings went like this!


When I heard that you guys wanted to read about the best places to go for a Perth date night, the first thought that popped into my mind was ‘time to find me a stud’. I may have even hastily downloaded tinder ready to find me someone but then I realised that could just be awkward and only meant one place and that didn’t seem like enough research for you. So I devised a new plan (more just so I could eat more food) and settled for going with my good friend Steve who willingly agreed to join me and so on Thursday night it began. I have to say I was so focussed on the eating I completely forgot to take photos so you’ll have to use your imagination with this blog post!!

The rules were simple. At each restaurant we order one entree and one main. Plan was to visit a total of three places (well the third doesn’t totally count but I’ll get to that). Since we were going to multiple places we decided to pick one area, so on Thursday night at 6pm we ventured to Northbridge.

Don’t worry I made sure to eat very little during the day to ensure a successful night. I also wore a flowy long dress and jacket so I wouldn’t have the urge to unbutton my pants half way through the night.

Our first stop was at La Cholita. The décor and atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the staff was very attentive to us (this may have been because we were one of only a few groups of people eating so early). We ordered the Spicy Duck Taquitos ($11) and Baja Fish Tacos that were topped with Chipotle Mayo ($6). The food service was super quick! The Duck Taquitos were delicious but the Fish Tacos didn’t excite my taste buds as much.

I had driven and was the responsible one of the two but Steve clearly was impressed by La Cholita’s extensive range of alcoholic beverages. I don’t know if he was just happy to be in my company or the alcohol had started to kick in but after a few sips he started smiling at everything I said. No you’re right it was probably just my great jokes.

The smell from the kitchen made me crave more but the prices were a little high when comparing it to the serving sizes that you were given. Also we had two more restaurants to go so it was a good warm up for what was to come. La Cholita I would say would be a good date night from those couples that love their drinks. Every table I looked at seemed to have ordered at least one type of drink (us included).

The second place we picked was Sauma, which is located on William Street. When we walked in you could immediately tell the restaurant served modern Indian food by the tantalising curry aromas that engulfed you like a warm hug. Since it was a little later than we had begun, it was a little busier which meant a longer waiting time for service and food but the staff were all still warm and welcoming to us. But fear not we were able to pass the time with stimulating conversation about the Pokémon Go phenomenon and the difference between zucchini and cucumber (should I start an advice column on best date night conversations?).

Sauma would be a perfect choice for those of you who love delicious Indian cuisine and don’t mind a cozy environment. Since we had ordered two meat dishes at the last place and India is known for their flavoursome vegetarian dishes we ordered the Dal Split Mung, Urdh, Channa Lentils, Cumin and sautéed Tomatoes Curry ($16) and (because Steve is a guy who needs his protein) the Wagyu Beef Samosa Roast Cumin ($6) . They were both steaming hot as they came from the kitchen and the aromas were mouth-watering. You’d think we hadn’t just eaten by the way we stared at the dishes that were placed in front of us. For the amount we paid, I feel we definitely got a bargain for our buck. The Wagyu Beef was tender and the Dal was PACKED with flavour.

Check out a full review of Sauma here, here’s a preview in pics to make up for the lack of pics in this post!

If you are deciding to visit three restaurants in one night like us don’t order curry or have it as your last dish because although I tried to pace myself I ended up scooping the dish clean and licking the spoon clean of its deliciousness, stuffing my belly!

We sat at our table for a while just enjoying the warm and almost snug atmosphere, but wanting to head out into the cold air but we’d come this far with our progressive date night dinner! So we ventured to our third and final destination. As I waddled around like a duck in Northbridge (unlike Steve who just walked around like a normal person), questioning why I had decided to wear heels and also contemplating whether I could eat another meal, we came to our last stop. And this ladies and gentlemen is why you should always do your homework before undertaking such a task as us.

Because when we reached the door of The Bonsai we were politely told that it was almost 9 o’clock and they were closing soon. And the moment they said we couldn’t eat there is when I realised I didn’t have any room in my stomach and wanted to! So I will definitely be coming back to The Bonsai another time to try out their menu because I have heard only positive things from Michelle (blogger behind foodie cravings) and my friends.

I felt defeated as I shivered in the cold while Steve told me it had still been a successful night. But I was not going to give up. So when we walked our way back to the car we just happened to pass Ben and Jerry’s. And nothing makes everything better like ice cream. So we walked in full of heaviness and walked out with a scoop of Peanut Butter Pretzel Batter and a scoop of Berry Berry Extraordinary (can you pick which one was mine?) and smiles spread across our faces. We had decided after our food heavy night we probably shouldn’t indulge in getting a whole pint to share between the two of us hence the one scoop each. This definitely ended up being a fun and memorable night for us both!

Michelle is always at Ben & Jerry’s, here’s some of her icecream pics…

These are other Perth restaurants we reckon would be great for date nights…

  • Shadow Wine Bar: offers a funky atmosphere and great for special occasions on your first or 1000th date
  • Chilli Orange: a quiet and intimate Asian fusion restaurant perfect for that third date!
  • Clarences: The beer garden has a more relaxed vibed area where you can order a mean mac and cheese. Or book a table inside for something more intimate and formal.
  • Gordon Street: Gives off a cool and trendy ambience that is more on the casual side.
  • The Precinct: Cool and vibrant vibes when you walk in, would be a good pick for a first date.
  • Cantina 663: It is a funky and comfortable spot if you want to keep it casual.
  • El Publico: Offers a variety of Mexican share plates and drinks – perfect for the double date you have been fretting over for the last week.
  • Sushi Izakaya: Good choice if wanting to go out with a large group for drinks and Japanese. These guys are located in Brookfield and I’m told by Michelle are consistently good!

Check out foodie cravings Perth Restaurant Reviews page for more Perth date night inspiration.


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  1. If you're doing a mid week progressive dinner in Northbridge this winter (2016) then the tre amici deal from no mafia is pretty cool, antipasti and a glass of wine at no mafia, 2 minutes walk to francoforte for spaghetti (it's BYO) then across the road for the best gelato on town at chicho. So much good food, cute restaurants And a bargain at $30

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