Top 5 Perth Eats & News – April


My Top 5 Perth Eats for April is a very different combination of super sweet desserts and tasty comfort foods. I think it must be the cooler weather creating these polar cravings!

Top 5 Perth Eats

#1 Rolo dessert from Cantina 663 ($6) – finding a cafe open 9pm on a Monday night for dessert in Mt Lawley was pretty tough so we pretty excited to not only find Cantina’s kitchen still open but this amazing rolo inspired dessert. Inside this coat of amazing milk chocolate goodness is salted caramel ice cream with a thick layer of sweet caramel. It tastes even more amazing rolled in the malt which was served with this dish. To top it off, besides being mind-blowingly good it was just $6! I was told that this dessert will be on Cantina’s menu for another week – might go back tomorrow 😉


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#2 Clarences mac ‘n’ cheese ($12) – burger boy and I absolutely love Clarences and are always there for their Monday – Wednesday weeknight dinner specials. Last month we went on a Thursday with my friend Frosty (one of my guest bloggers for foodie cravings 24 Days of Coffee feature) and shared dishes from the bar menu for the first time. Everything was amazing as always but WOW Clarences mac ’n’ cheese was just so tasty. I’ve only ever had mac and cheese from Rockpool and packets but never really fancied it. Clarences has changed my view on mac and cheese – I’ll have theirs any day!

As you can tell, the taste got the better of me, I forgot to take a pic before fully digging into our mac n cheese!


Clarences on Urbanspoon

#3 Station Street Bakerys Cinnamon Donuts ($4.50 for a tray of 8) – I’ve always had an obsession for sugary cinnamon donuts, it brings back memories of when I was a kid shopping with my mum at Morley Galleria. Strange enough finding a hot and fresh cinnamon donut is actually quite hard so I was pretty happy when I tried Station Street Bakery’s cinnamon donuts. The donuts weren’t hot but they were very fresh, I had 2 on the day I got them and the remaining 6 were still just as tasty the next day! Plus for 60c a donut, I thought it was great value. 


#4 Hawkers Delight fried kway teow ($10) – I’m pretty fussy with my Hawkers food because my mum cooks it so well and I’ve also just come back from a Singapore eating trip (post featuring my favourite Singapore Eats will be up soon). So I was grateful that I could still find good fried kway teow out & about in Perth 🙂

Hawkers Delight’s fried kway teow was very tasty and had plenty of Chinese sausage. burger boy was out watching the AFL and I was meant to save my fried kway teow take-away for dinner – I was only able to resist until 4pm that day.


Hawkers Delight on Urbanspoon

#5 La Cholita’s pork tacos ($5 each) – I’m usually one for tasty big portions but of late with junior burger in the making, my tummy space has limited the amount I could eat so La Cholita was perfect. The pork taco featured to the right amongst other dishes I shared with Chomp Chomp last month was really good. The pork just melted and the pineapple and onion complemented the pork perfectly.


La Cholita on Urbanspoon

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Top 5 Perth foodie news & events coming up in May

  • May 2 – 4: Taste of Perth restaurant festival, if you are heading there tomorrow be sure to read my Eating through Taste of Perth in 90 minutes post 
  • May 3: Amani Wine Bar’s Cinco de Mayo Dinner Fiesta
  • May 4 & 25: Andersen Cacao raw chocolate making class. I did the class last month, check out my facebook album for pics.
  • May 31 – June 1: Avon Valley Gourmet Food & Wine Festival

Check out my What’s On in Perth guide for all the details and to keep up to date with new Perth events as they are submitted by Perth food businesses.


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