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Working hard and family first were the key values that were instilled in me as I was growing up.


I loved The Albany Marron Farm’s bird aviary when we visited Western Australia’s Great Southern for the first time in 2014

My Mum and Dad fled Vietnam during the Vietnam War and were lucky to be taken in by Australia as refugees. They were given the opportunity for a better life and supported by the Australian Government and the Australian Red Cross Society as they settled into their new life. My parents had worked three jobs each to give my brother and I a solid education for a better life.

Although my parents worked hard, it didn’t stop them from dreaming. Every week, my mum would buy a Lotto ticket with the hope of winning to make life a bit easier. She still does.

When I was pregnant with Junior Burger I visited Western Australia’s great southern for the first time. I loved everything about it – from the fresh produce to the amazing wines, crystal clear beaches, spectacular forests, animal farms and just passionate people doing what they love every day. I said to Burger Boy, one day I would love to have a holiday home right by Green’s Pool in Denmark for our children and future generations to build memories. If I won this weekend’s $20 million Superdraw this would be my big dream.

Almost 60 years on I am so proud of what my parents have achieved and I’m forever grateful for all the kindness and support they were given to build their new lives. My passion for giving back to the community through our small business was inspired by the support my parents received when they migrated to Australia. So I love that by buying a Lotto ticket, regardless of whether I win or not, I am supporting the good work of the many charities supported by Lotterywest’s community grants.

What’s your Lotto dream? Dream a little bigger by playing this Saturday’s $20 million Lotto Superdraw.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for Lotterywest, please see disclosure policy for further details.

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  1. Really nice post, can imagine she is buying regularly lotto but I would say leaving a war zone and coming to a safe and beautiful country is her lotto price. Really nice blog thanks for sharing

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