What do you want to read about this month?


I always dread asking to catch up with friends. Not because I don’t love them (I mean they put up with my crazy antics, they probably deserve a medal!), but because I know their next words will always be “Where should we go?”

Now some of you may have friends that can instantly decide the place, time, and maybe even the food option they are going to choose within minutes. If you do I am very envious. My friends and me on the other hand take hours to decide where we could/should/would go and even then its not guaranteed that we will settle on a place before Christmas comes around.

And that is why I am asking you guys for ideas and opinions as to what you would like to read about so you will have plenty of options and ideas based on how you are feeling, the occasion and where you want to go etc. and hopefully help you to avoid what I find to be a recurring situations.

So what would you like to read about this month? Best places for brunch, different hip locations for date night in your home suburb, the yummiest health cafes around town? Leave a comment below or on social media and I will write a post based on what you want to read!



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I am the new intern and growing up in a family that values healthy food has led to me acquiring a love for anything that uses fresh produce and natural ingredients. I love experimenting with food and trying different cuisines.

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