Making barbecue sauce at home was easier than I thought…


When burger boy is working, I usually have a simple dinner. It’s usually a toastie or pumpkin & corn thermomix risotto that I’ve made for junior burger. Mainly because I’m a messy cook and don’t like to spend the night cleaning up after myself when I could be spending my time blogging or working on our business.

Last night however I was inspired by Barbecues Galore to make my own homemade barbecue sauce and yes there’s sauce everywhere, including my tiled splashback but it was worth it. It took 5 minutes to make and tasted great! I marinated myself porterhouse steak in a classic barbecue sauce and then topped it with more sauce once cooked. I then marinated & grilled chicken breast in the same barbecue sauce for burger boy to have with an avocado and tomato salad after work…


To make the classic barbecue sauce, in a bowl I just mixed together:

¾ cup of tomato sauce
1¼ tablespoons of American mustard
½ teaspoon of pepper
1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
½ teaspoon of Tabasco sauce
1 teaspoon of paprika
¼ cup of apple cider vinegar
¾ cup of brown sugar
¼ cup of water

It made enough barbecue sauce to marinate and top a piece of chicken breast and porterhouse steak. There’s also 250ml left…I’m thinking I might marinate some pork ribs for dinner on Tuesday. Random note – I don’t like to eat the same flavours/dish two days in a row so we’ll have something different for dinner tonight.

Here are five awesome bbq sauce recipe ideas thanks to Barbeques Galore…

1. Classic Barbecue Sauce

The classic BBQ sauce recipe is perfect for marinating meats or ribs. A sauce anyone can try their hand at, mix up ketchup, mustard, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, paprika, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and water. Once cooled, lather this sauce on your meat or ribs thick.

2. Sweet Lips

If you’re after a BBQ sauce to satisfy your sweet tooth, this one takes the cake. Made without having to turn on your stove, this recipe combines honey, cinnamon, brown sugar, paprika, ginger, garlic, oregano, ketchup and molasses for a truly delicious sauce that you can simply stir, cover and put in the fridge. Perfect for chicken drumsticks, you can marinate your meat overnight in this sauce before cooking them over a hot barbeque grill the next day.

3. Smoke and Tang

As well as combining the usual ketchup, brown sugar, molasses, onion and garlic found in most BBQ sauces, this smoky, tangy alternative also includes flavoured liquid smoke, butter, chilli powder and celery seed. The smoky flavour of this sauce makes it a perfect match for steak lightly seared on the barbeque. However, this sauce will actually work well on just about any dish, so mix up a big batch and freeze what you don’t use.

4. Added Spice

No list of homemade BBQ sauce recipes is complete without a bit of spice in the mix. For this hot twist, mix together some sweet onion, jalapenos, ketchup, garlic, vinegar, apple juice, red pepper, black pepper, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce. Once cooked up, this spicy combination can be used immediately to rub on tasty BBQ chicken wings fried on a hot grill.

5. Original Mustard

For a very different take on a traditional favourite, try this South Carolina-inspired mustard BBQ sauce. Combine yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, hot sauce, brown sugar, ketchup and honey, and mix them well – no cooking required. This sauce is at its best after it has spent at least a day in the fridge, and it works well with barbequed hamburger patties.

You would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t agree that the sauce on a meal always takes it to the next level. Combine this with a hot grill and it won’t matter what meat or veggie you’ve decided to cook up; it will be absolutely delicious.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for Barbecues Galore, please see foodie cravings disclosure policy for more details. 


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