Cleaning up after junior burger with my new Dyson V6


Meal and snack times are junior burger’s favourite times of the day. She loves to be in control and hand feeds herself so it’s great for me too as it gives me time to tidy up or respond to emails while she eats. However cleaning up after junior burger ain’t fun, this happens every time…


Luckily I’ve got the splash mat otherwise I’d be mopping every day and with my new Cordless Dyson V6 (thanks Dyson!), my clean up time has halved! Rather than hand picking everything off the splash mat then sweeping the crumbs up, the Dyson is able to pick up all the leftover crumbs from when I’m feeding junior burger… from dry foods (she loves her sultanas, muffins, bread) to eating messier and stickier foods like fruit, veggies, risotto & nuggets.


junior burger like most babies at her age has super sharp eyes, she can spot the tiniest specks of crumbs and carpet fluff so I’m often chasing her and trying to get her to spit out whatever she’s found without getting bitten. The other day, I spilt a WHOLE box of sultanas on my floors – luckily my Dyson vacuumed most of it up before junior burger got too many into her.

The Dyson V6 (retails at $899) is super powerful and lasts about 17 minutes on the turbo mode. Most people use it to spot clean but I’ve been cleaning our whole house with it. I vacuum downstairs when junior burger is awake – she loves to chase my Dyson V6 around. I think she must be drawn to the bright purple and red colours. I then empty it and leave it to charge until burger boy gets home before vacuuming upstairs. I also use my Dyson V6 to vacuum the car which sometimes looks worse for wear after junior burger is done with it!

I’ve got an old Volta which I’ve taken with me from my old house which vacuums alright but it doesn’t have anywhere near the power of my new Dyson. Plus I’m clumsy so this cordless dyson has protected our new walls from any further chips.

What I love about Dyson V6…

  • Light
  • Easy to change attachments
  • Easy to empty/clean
  • Powerful

What improvements I’d like to see in the future generations of Dyson V6…

  • It is only meant to be a spot cleaner but given the price I would love to have the option to have a longer lasting battery, even if it is a paid add on.

I was previously sweeping every day and vacuuming once a week but because the Dyson V6 is so easy to use, it now takes me less time to vacuum everyday.

Baby or no baby, the Dyson V6 is definitely worth the investment. I absolutely love mine, less time cleaning means more time for other things!

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was provided with a cordless Dyson V6 to review and sample, see disclosure policy for more details.  


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