Baking my first apple tart with Flora pro-activ


Since the arrival of junior burger I’ve gotten to know my kitchen very well! For those of you who follow my blog you’ll recall I was dining out 4 out of 7 nights with the “intent” of cooking more. Each year the goal to cook more was on my New Year’s Resolution list but as the year went on it’d move down the priority list.

I can say officially say after being house bound for the last 5 weeks I’ve finally achieved this 3-year running New Year’s Resolution 🙂 Unable to drive, I had no choice but to cook what I craved or rely on home cooked deliveries from my family – whom thankfully are all amazing cooks and also have great take-away tastes. 

This time at home has reminded me of how much I love cooking…and to my surprise baking! So when I was approached by Flora pro-activ to sample and check out their healthy eating recipes, I thought I’d give their Apple Tart Recipe a go. 

Happy to say I managed to bake Flora’s apple tart recipe in 45 minutes instead of 70 minutes with the help of my new Thermomix (it’s my baby present from burger boy) whilst my parents were babysitting junior burger.

As I was preparing my apple tart, my mum tells me her friends swear by Flora pro-activ and are happy to pay a bit more to reduce their cholesterol.  Flora pro-activ contains plant sterols which I’m told reduces cholesterol absorption.

This apple tart was my first attempt at making pastry from scratch…


Pretty proud of how it turned out…


Topping the apple tart with apricot conserve I reckon made this dessert even more amazing!


The recipe says it serves 6 but I made my apple tart a bit chunkier so mine really served 4. More so because I didn’t have a base flan tin as specified in the recipe than me being creative but I think I prefer the thicker pastry 🙂

I served my apple tart with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and was happy to see my friends empty their dessert bowls!


This apple tart is a super easy recipe to make even for new bakers like me 🙂 I’d recommend giving it a go if you’re after a quick tasty dessert recipe.

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