Introducing our new foodie addition, junior burger


burger boy and are excited to announce the addition of junior burger (aka Zara Rose) to our family. She’s been a foodie from Day 1, tracking three weeks ahead in size whilst I was pregnant and born just shy of 9 pounds three weeks ago.

Being so focussed on our business and careers, burger boy and I had no idea on the immense joy junior burger would bring us. It’s the best feeling in the world and I’m proud to say she takes after me in the eating and sleeping department.


junior burger in a special tee from her Uncle Mugsie (aka Gypsy Cider Kid)

My blogging schedule whilst pregnant with junior burger was pretty full on as I wasn’t sure how I’d function with little/broken sleep so I blogged as much as I could to get ahead. I’ve however since discovered that being homebound whilst my body recovers has meant I’ve had a bit more time for foodie cravings and our business in the middle of the night.


burger boy’s bedtime story for junior burger

With junior burger now a huge part of our lives and with me home more often, you’ll start to see foodie cravings focus evolve from the late night restaurant/bar scene to the more family friendly cafes/restaurants and a lot more home cooking! My latest news section will continue to keep you up to the date with what’s happening in the Perth / WA food scene via listings submitted directly by businesses and each month I’ll feature my Top 5 Perth Eats (August Top Eats is in the making).

I was planning to blog about my High Tea baby shower in celebration on the impending arrival of burger boy in hospital but no surprises it didn’t happen 🙂 so here it is. Mine and burger boy’s family is filled with amazing cooks so as you can see we had enough food to feed an army!


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I have foodie cravings all the time and sometimes at very odd hours, hence the name of this food blog, where I share my love for food and appliances that save me time in the kitchen. I also own Crust Mount Lawley with my burger eating half burger boy and am a mum to two girls - junior burger and baby cravings.


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