Scanpan Impact Saucepan Set thanks to Kitchenware Superstore (closed)

The winner of a Scanpan Three-Piece Saucepan Set thanks to Kitchenware Superstore is Ali. Ali can’t live without her oven: “My oven recently stopped working, and I’ve only been using the stovetop. It’s been awful, so my vote goes for an oven!!!” Thanks for entering everyone!

Thanks to Kitchenware Superstore, I have this shiny three-piece Scanpan Impact Saucepan Set to test out and one to giveaway to a foodie cravings reader.

Scanpan Impact Saucepan Set

For your chance to WIN this Scanpan Saucepan Set valued at $299 from Kitchenware Superstore, simply share what you couldn’t live without in the kitchen. Competition is open to all foodie cravings readers with an Australian postal address and closes midnight WST Sunday 20/10/13. Winners will be announced on foodie cravings facebook page Monday 21/10/13 and notified by email.

I’ve had the same saucepan set since burger boy and I moved into our home over four years ago so you can imagine I was pretty excited to test out this new Scanpan saucepan set.


I cooked mum’s homemade pasta using the 16cm/1.8L Scanpan Saucepan, drained it and then threw my pasta back into the saucepan. I then added in a tablespoon of butter, some thick cream, pesto, fried bacon, oregano & seasoned with salt & pepper – my dinner was ready in less than 10 minutes. I thought it was pretty cool that each of the saucepans had metrics on the inside and the 16cm saucepan was perfect for cooking for one.


Kitchenware Superstore is an Australian owned company which stocks a massive range of kitchen and cookware products with savings of up to 70% off the recommended retail price all year round. Brands stocked include Anolon, Bakers Secret, Circulon, Jamie Oliver. Kitchen Aid, Pyrex, Tefal and Scanpan of course.

I haven’t personally ordered from Kitchenware Superstore but from what I hear they do deliver within 2 – 5 working days as promised and the cookware is always of a great quality. The Scanpan Impact Saucepan Set is valued at $299 but is available at Kitchenware Superstore for $127.94 and delivery for all orders over $150 is free.

Competition T&Cs

  • Competition is open to all foodie cravings readers with an Australian postal address.
  • One foodie cravings reader who have commented here with what they couldn’t live without in the kitchen will be drawn at random to win a three-piece Scanpan Impact Saucepan Set from Kitchenware Superstore valued at $299.
  • Competition closes midnight WST Sunday 20/10/13 and winner will be notified by email / announced on foodie cravings facebook page, twitter and blog on Monday 21/10/13. If the winning reader doesn’t respond within 72 hours with their postal details, foodie cravings will redraw the competition and notify a new winner.

I look forward to hearing what you can’t live without in the kitchen – I can’t live without my dishwasher!

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I have foodie cravings all the time and sometimes at very odd hours, hence the name of this food blog, where I share my love for food and appliances that save me time in the kitchen. I also own Crust Mount Lawley with my burger eating half burger boy and am a mum to two girls - junior burger and baby cravings.


  1. Natalie Stoute on
    My recipe book collection! I'm not a 'chuck in a few things' kind of person, I must follow recipes precisely. There's quite a few I know off my heart but I still get out the recipe book every time :)
  2. A spoon so I can continuously taste everything that I make, from stock to cake mix and beyond. It's my ultimate luxury in the kitchen :)
  3. My pasta maker. Nothing feeds a family of four hungry kids better than fresh, wholesome pasta! So nutritious and filling!!
  4. I can't live without my footstool, because all of our cupboards are super high and without them I can't get anything out of them, particularly essential items like rice and pasta which I use very often.
  5. HUBBY! He cooks, cleans, shops and has banned me from the kitchen for the safety of all appliances, cookware and crockery.
  6. I can't live without my oven since I'm more of a baker than a cook. If something is bake-able, I'll do it within a heartbeat.
  7. I can't live without my blender! I use it to blend curry pastes, make purees and dips, frozen yogurt and even to make milkshakes and smoothies!! It's so versatile! I could not live without it!!
  8. Tracy Boulter on
    My blender, it makes short work of whipping up a wicked cheesecake in a flash, cheesecake is my ultimate indulgence.
  9. I suffer from chronic back pain but find relaxation, solace and enjoyment in cooking. I couldn't do without my husband in the kitchen because he does all the back breaking washing up! I suppose if I bought myself a dishwasher he may become obsolete and I'd have to find another task for him to perform! ha, ha!
  10. My trusty silicone spatula - it gets every last bit of goodness when I'm baking especially those stubborn bits of batter or melted chocolate at the end of the bowl.
  11. I have three different sized ice cream scoops that I use for everything! Mkaing meatballs, cookies, pommes noisettes and even ice cream. They save me so much time in the kitchen.
  12. I could live without a good set knives that slice tomatoes easy, making cutting chicken a breeze and look great sitting upon our bench.
  13. My laptop, I use it so much for recipes and converting measurements that it has its own specified spot on the kitchen bench!
  14. My pizza cooker! It's used every week. At the end of a hard week I just throw all the leftovers onto a pizza base and pop it in. The kids will eat anything if it's on a pizza base too!
  15. My oven mitts- perfect for the obvious task of handling hot items, and also great to entertain our son, 2. His favourite game is playing puppets with them, which keeps him busy while I cook! Ha ha!
  16. Helga Grenkowitz on
    My microwave; it's so much easier and less time consuming if you can thaw your meat; steam your vegies or crisp your pizza in your microwave.
  17. My glass blender - I so can not live without it :) I use it for my green/berries smoothies for my breakfast every morning - I couldn't imagine life with out it! Actually I am trying to work out how I can take it on a road trip - is there a way to find electricity when one is camping where there isn't it!!!
  18. My Scanpan saucepans - They cook evenly and thoroughly and are so easy to clean! Mine are very old now but they are still amazing and the best cookware Ive ever owned!
  19. I have found I cannot live without a good stove or oven.I have temporarily moved into a home without either and I just have a camper oven with two hotplates on top.Both cannot be used at the same time and now cooking is a real chore.
  20. My Nicer Dicer Plus - which has made my life in kitchen super easy by chopping vegetables & fruits in no time.
  21. My Kenwood Major Premier Mixer with all the attachments(spoilt on my B-day :)) I wouldn't give it away for all the tea in China. It's made life so much easier.
  22. I couldn't live without my oven. It's absolutely brilliant for pizzas: heats up to a roaring 250C FAN and spits out a perfect pizza crust in just 10 minutes. Oh, and it's useful for other stuff too!
  23. Being an Indian I cannot live without my Pressure cooker. I don't know a single Indian woman whose life doesn't revolve around a pressure cooker. Most of us have 2 - 3 cookers in different sizes and they are given a lot of times to us in our trousseau by our mothers. We cook everything from Dals to rice and meat in it and even soup and baby food. It is a god send for working women like me who want to make healthy, fresh food for our families without breaking a sweat in a matter of minutes. If you ever go to India you will hear the collective whistles of the pressure cookers from all the houses around you which signals Lunch or dinner is being prepared. When I got married my mother gifted me a small Pressure cooker which cooks just enough food for 2 people, which I have named (Baby cooker) as you can get huge ones as well which can cook for upto 20 - 30 people. I have had it for 10 years now and when I moved from India to Australia that was the only special Indian utensil I got with me. I come home from work throw whatever I want to in it and within a few minutes I have a delicious meal ready to be eaten. I care for it like a baby, wash it, clean it and it has a special place in my heart. I cannot imagine my life without it.
  24. I dont have a dishwasher! I couldn't live without being stocked up on baking supplies all the time - flour, sugar, cocoa, eggs, and also pasta and the ingredients for pasta sauces! They are my two favourite dishes.
  25. Tongs! You can use and egg slide, or forks or spoons, but tongs just make life so much easier when cooking and serving!
  26. I can't live without my dishwasher. I hate doing dishes but also can't stand them on the bench. The dishwasher cleans dishes probably better than I could and the kitchen always looks tidy. It also saves on water from continually washing small loads of dishes.
  27. I couldn't live without my large skillet. We use it for bacon & eggs, risotto, pan-fried salmon, French crepes, and so much more!
  28. i couldn't live without my scraping spatula! it gets all the last drops out of the bowl! no need for licking the spoon :P
  29. Hello, In my kitchen I couldn't live without my silicone bowl scrapper. I bake a lot of cakes, muffins, cheesecakes and lunchbox treats. The silicone bowl scrapper allows no wastage of mixes left in the bowls and also makes clean up a breeze and there is hardly any leftovers in the bowl to make washing up painful and messy. Thanks
  30. Elyse Victoria on
    I can't live without my Jarkey Jar Opener it pops the vacuum on lids so I can easily open the jars. Without it I would be restricted to buying things in tins with pull tabs!
  31. The ability to improvise! For example, when I don't have the right ingredients a recipe calls for, when I have three things left in the fridge and need to make a meal, or when something goes wrong and I have to find a fix!
  32. I cannot be without my Tupperware jar opener. If I didn't have it there would be no pickle on the burgers, no sauce on the pasta, no jam in the cake and no pickled onions with the cheese!!!!!
  33. I can't be without my slow-cooker as it is wonderful to come home to the aroma of a prepared meal. I can just sit, relax and enjoy a great dinner.
  34. My wooden spoon! Good for mixing, stirring, and keeping pesky children out of the kitchen! disclaimer- no children were harmed in the use of my wooden spoon. Just knowing what it can do is enough to keep them in line.
  35. In prior years I was a guerrilla, Although my wife spells that gorilla. I like to eat Lots of meat And can't do without my griller.
  36. My mixing bowl. Everything i make uses it I think, sweets like chocolate - which i make a lot! Baking glutenfree, dairyfree breads and cakes of course uses it. When i am sweating away beating eggs, or mixing up curry paste from scratch in my mixing bowl, i feel as though it is the one thing we have always needed in the kitchen. I guess prior to bowls, a grinding stone or two were the only necessity for food prep!
  37. Jennifer Robertson on
    I can't live without my paint scraper. It is the best egg lift I own. And great for scraping things off while cleaning up.
  38. steph Horswood on
    I use my nicer-dicer (slap chop) a lot. it does everything it dices, slices, grates and chops makes my life a lot easier and keeps me eating healthy things.
  39. I would have to say it would be my electric kettle. Especially with a very active toddler, I live on cups of teas and coffees. With a touch of a button I have boiled water. It make my life easier.
  40. My teapot. I love love love a cup of tea and especially when it comes to winter time; a cup of tea is so warm and comforting.
  41. I couldn't live without my ipad- and an internet connection. It is my gateway to the world of cooking (plus my scanpan frying pan which I love)
  42. My new scanpan knife set which my daughter has just given me. I don't know how I survived without one all these years.Making life so much easier. The sharpness, strength and durability are prominant. Love to add more scanpan items to my kitchen.
  43. My Mum's always told me there are two kitchen items you can't live without - good saucepans and good knives! We got a great knife set for our wedding but have some cringeworthy saucepans! This would be a great prize!
  44. Natalie Tomcyk on
    It'd have to be the microwave! Sure I can cook up a storm when I have the time, but sometimes the microwave helps me out with those sneaky, time-saving short-cuts that no one has to know about (such as baking potatoes).
  45. i couldn't live without the view from my kitchen window. i love being able to see my dogs playing and the chickens and ducks running about it relaxs me and helps me forget about the washing up!
  46. Catherine Rabanes on
    My saviour is my wooden chopping board! I use it to prep my food, place hot pots and pans on, an alternative place to putting saucy spoons on the bench, it's always there when I'm trying to keep ANYTHING off the bench!
  47. Alistair Geikie on
    I couldn't do without my wonderful 'sous-chef' aka. My loving girlfriend. While I cook up an amazing mess, she constantly whisks around me and keep the place clean as a whistle. She pours my wine and hands me tea towels as I need them. She's definitely the best thing in my kitchen and one thing I could never live without.
  48. A new addition to my kitchen - my Jamie Oliver non-stick stoneware frying pan - for the first time ever, I can make pancakes that are smooth and of which I'm proud, instead of the wrinkly, torn-up things I was embarrassed to serve.
  49. My good cooking knives - the best I could afford, and they're still going strong. All the gizmos and gadgets in the world can't make up for high quality basic tools ... which is why I love Scanpan.
  50. I couldn't live without microwave oven which I use many times daily and which is more useful than my hubby in kitchen. lol...
  51. My rice maker - it may be dated and made of plastic but it never fails to supply me with fluffy perfect rice everytime
  52. No wood stove or gas for me! My kitchen needs safe electric-ity! Without this kitchen commodity, I could not cope! ......but SCANPANS 'd improve my culinary scope!!
  53. My rice cooker. Once on SBS was a bad movie about a chinese warrior from ancient times, who accidentally time-travelled to the present day. When he returned back to his own time, the only thing he took was an electric rice-cooker. I kind of feel the same way!
  54. James Berryman on
    My veggie slicer. I use it for cheese and veggies and fruit. So much easier than doing it by hand with a knife.
  55. I cant live without my sunbeam stick blender, it is so versatile and helps me create so many dishes such as smoothies, sauces, dressings and desserts. Truly an all in one device.
  56. I've Scanned all of my pans in my cupboards and what has made the biggest Impact is my chopping board. It's always been there at the start of every meal!
  57. Graeme Battams on
    Definately could not live without my wife in the kitchen, unfortunately I am one of those that no how to burn water :)
  58. I can't live without my husband in the Kitchen to do the dishes - I can cook all day, but detest doing the dishes.
  59. My mortal and pestle. Without it all the fresh tasty herbs in my garden would go to waste and the flavour of my dishes would suffer immensely
  60. My husband! He has taken to experimenting n the kitchen every weekend and although he uses every ish nd pan in he house, his creations are always delicious and exciting.
  61. A vegetable peeler This is one of the very few kitchen “gadgets” that’s worth its salt. Although you can peel potatoes, zucchini, squash, and so forth with a knife, a vegetable peeler is incredibly efficient at its task.
  62. Benjamin Travia on
    I can't live without my Mum. Given my independent cooking skills barely extend beyond ventures involving the toaster, Mum is, gastronomically speaking, my guru.
  63. Kerrie McDermid on
    My big cooking pot. I use it to make mountains of spaghetti, slow cooked lamb shanks and many other mouth watering meals.
  64. The coffee pod machine and the in house Barista who works it. Every morning my husband makes me a fabulous cappuccino, sheer bliss!
  65. Rachel Tilbury on
    I couldn't live without my electric mixer I use it almost on a daily basis for making cakes, pizza dough, bread and even use it for mash potatoes.
  66. My wooden spoon! I've had it from the time I started cooking and it's discoloured, cracked and has imbibed the smells of everything I've ever cooked with it but I cannot survive without it!
  67. Thirty six years ago I bought a wok to go into my glory box, I still have it and use it regularly, it's very well seasoned now and makes the best fried rice ever, I couldn't imagine my kitchen without it!
  68. Couldn't live without glad wrap - I know that's a sad and weird choice, but it's so easy for covering leftovers, steaming vegetables in the microwave, packing food, etc... don't know what to do without it! Thanks for the chance, amazing prize! x
  69. The microwave - we use it to cook in so many different ways, I couldn't handle not having one! From whole dinners to Friday night's movie popcorn, it's a lifesaver and a blessing in our kitchen.
  70. I couldn't live without my chest freezer. I got it after having baby number 1 and I honestly don't know how I survived without it.
  71. I can't live without my knife set and chopping boards, it's just a shame that our all our saucepans were damaged when we moved house 3 months ago and haven't been able to purchase a new set yet so I haven't been able to cook anything decent for quite a while now. :(
  72. I couldn't survive without my dishwasher. I go into a state of panic if it plays up and love the soft, sweet hum when it's cleaning our dishes!
  73. I can't live without my tea towel! Keeps my hands dry when I'm in the kitchen all day and dries up any messes with a wipe :)
  74. Got to say my kettle.... if I don't get my morning cuppa then LOOK OUT! There's nothing that beats the reassuring sound of that boiling kettle, except the cuppa of course :)
  75. Being on a high fruit & veg diet for health reasons would mean an awful lot of squeezing and squishing if I didn't have a my old juicer, I couldn't be without it!
  76. My gas stove top. It ready to use in an instant and enables me to have well controoled heat whenever Iam cooking - oh and is damn handy during power blackouts as I can still cook

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