Share your healthy eating tips to win a $100 Woolworths gift card (closed)


Thanks to Woolworths, I have a $100 gift voucher to give to one foodie cravings reader and a basket of Woolworths Macro Gluten Free products to put to the test.

Woolworths Macro Gluten Free Range

There’s been a lot of talk about healthier eating of late so for your chance to WIN a $100 Woolworths Voucher, simply share your favourite healthy dish to cook at home. Competition is open to all foodie cravings readers with an Australian postal address and closes midnight WST Sunday 20/10/13. Winners will be announced on foodie cravings facebook page Monday 21/10/13 and notified by email.

If you’ve been following my facebook page, you’ll notice I’ve been trying to slow down and cook more. My slow cooker and Jamie Oliver’s 15 and 30 minute cookbooks have been worked pretty hard of late. My old school hand mixer on the other hand has been dusting for years 🙂

Last weekend, I put my hand mixer to work to test out Woolworths Gluten Free Macro Cupcake Mix. I was happy that it was super easy to make especially as I rarely bake desserts…

Making cupcakes!

burger boy who doesn’t usually eat cupcakes was more than happy to test them out (twice) for me. I took the rest into our crust and they were gone by the end of the night so I was quite proud of my somewhat baking efforts 🙂

Woolworths Macro Gluten Free Range

I normally follow my cravings and eat whatever my eyes desire so I thought as this giveaway is to inspire healthy but tasty eating, I’d better get in the experts 🙂

For all things gluten free related, I always go to my fellow Perth food blogger Chomp Chomp for advice. Besides being gluten free she also has fructose malabsorption but it never stops her from eating out. As you will see in her tips below, when we dined at Nine Fine Foods, she brought her own gluten free soy in her LV bag!!

Here’s Chomp Chomp’s Top 3 Tips for eating gluten free…

  1. Learn to read labels. Just because its labelled gluten free don’t presume its healthy. A lot of processed GF products are very high in calories and sugar.
  2. BYO Condiments. I love to eat out so I always plan ahead and bring any extras that I might need with me, for example if it’s Japanese I’ll bring my own GF soy sauce, if there is a great range of cheeses, I’ll bring my own GF crackers.
  3. Make yourself a travel eating card. I take a handful of these written in the language of the country I’m visiting every time we travel. They are worth the effort.

Woolworths Nutritionist Maria Andonopoulos also shares with us her Top 3 Healthy Eating Tips…

  1. Follow dietary guidelines and eat from all food groups include lots of fruit and vegetables for fibre.
  2. Incorporate naturally gluten free grains such as quinoa and rice.
  3. Avoid highly processed snack foods.

Woolworths Macro Gluten Free offers a range of snacks to cooking essentials and cereals for people living with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance as well as those who choose to eat gluten free for other health and wellbeing reasons. My Woolworths Macro Gluten Free basket included a Cupcake Mix ($4.69), Pancake Mix ($2.98), Nutty Deluxe Muesli ($5.99) and Café Style Original and Muesli ($5.99). So far I’ve tried out the Cupcake Mix and the Pancakes 🙂

Competition T&Cs

  • Competition is open to all foodie cravings readers with an Australian postal address.
  • One foodie cravings reader who have commented here with their favourite healthy dish to cook will be drawn at random to win a $100 Woolworths Gift Card.
  • Competition closes midnight WST Sunday 20/10/13 and winner will be notified by email / announced on foodie cravings facebook pagetwitter and blog on Monday 21/10/13. If the winning reader doesn’t respond within 72 hours with their postal details, foodie cravings will redraw the competition and notify a new winner.

I look forward to hearing your favourite healthy dish to cook. Mine would have to be the ratatouille – even my carnivore burger boy loves this dish!

If you’re keen to win some more, enter my competition to Win a Scanpan Impact Saucepan Set.

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  1. I love to make eggplant lasagne from scratch. After making my own tomato sauce with just basil and tomatoes, fry off some eggplant, layer with bocconcini and top with sauce and freshly greater Parmesan. A quick simple healthy dish that really isn't hard to make. Mushrooms are also great done the same way, just top with some additional fried breadcrumbs!
  2. I love that photo of my Louis! Was a great night. My favourite healthy dish is a mixed mushroom stir fry using konjac noodles (Slim pasta) I usually chuck in whatever else is green in the fridge (broccolini, bok choy etc) to give some colour and if I want some protein top it with a fried egg (no oil)
  3. Might be plain and simple but seafood is my pick for healthy meals... Either some beautiful fresh salmon fillets with a herb/macadamia crust, baked until just cooked on the outside and served with an avocado and tomato salad OR... An awesome mixed seafood soup...prawns, scallops, calamari and mussels, made with fish stock, peeled tomatoes and chilli, of course! Serve with fresh crusty bread. YUMMO!
  4. Definitely a salmon stirfry, fresh salmon fillets, plenty of fresh vegetables like bok choy, pak choy, baby corn, snow peas or whatever's in season, and add either some noodles or rice to top it off :)
  5. Michelle McGurk on
    I love to make a smoked salmon and avocado salad with loads of fresh green salad leaves tiny tomatoes and a light lemon dressing
  6. Steak (grilled of course) topped with garlic mushrooms, served with a big green salad and my special wasabi dressing. Lots of salad for lots of crunch and heaps to chew, this way we fill up without needing carbs to do it.
  7. I rather enjoy blending up cauliflower to the consistency of rice and cooking it in the wok with a bit of spring onion, ginger and garlic and serving it will a few stir fried vegies.
  8. My most favourite healthy dish to cook for my family of four is Chicken Noodle Soup. But the twist is I give it a huge Asian kick with curry paste and spices. I throw in as many vegetables as I can. And I make sure to use healthier noodles, like rice noodles. It's my Sunday detox after a long week!
  9. My most favourite healthy meal, would have to be healthy GF nachos! Combine: kidney beans (or any other type of bean you like) sliced mushrooms, red & green capsicum, and any top quality mincemeat is allowed – (chicken/ Turkey or Kangaroo mince is best for you) corn, diced onion, garlic, chilli and I also add some Spanish black olives. While meat etc is cooking take the GF Pita wrap (or normal if not Gluten Intolerant), cut into triangles, drizzle a bit of olive oil and place in the oven for around 10-15mins. Once all fully cooked place the mixture on the crispy wrap triangles, and serve with avocado and greek yoghurt. – Amaze! With the left over mixture I use it to make stuffed capsicums which is also a great lunch or dinner! ?
  10. I love to make spinach and ricotta canneloni. They are delicious, healthy, and they are devoured by the entire family, including the fussy kids!
  11. My daughter's anaemic so I'm trying to increase her red meat intake. Right now her favourite meal is my own Beef Strogonoff... I make it using lean beef, garlic, onion, potatoes, sweet potatoes and lite sour cream (neither she nor hubby can eat mushrooms). It's delicious and everyone always asks for seconds!
  12. We all love to eat BBQ Turkey Kebabs - we marinade with fruits in season - plum or mango in particular. The meat is lean & we add on loads of colourful veg.
  13. I make home made Chinese dumplings filled with delicious pork mince mixed with finely chopped cabbage, carrot, caramelised onions and garlic. They take only minutes to fold and steam and taste amazing with my secret dipping sauce: Chinese vinegar, soy sauce, garlic oil and a dash of sugar. My kids devour them, with full knowledge of how many veggies I've hidden in there!
  14. A fresh salmon fillet with a couple of slices of lemon, fresh thyme springs, a dash of oil and seasoning and baked in the oven for 15 minutes in a baking paper pouch... Served up with baked asparagus and goats cheese drizzled with apple balsamic... YUM!
  15. Salmon fillet baked in a baking paper pouch with a couple of slices of fresh lemon, sprigs of thyme, a dash of oil and seasoning. Served up with baked asparagus and feta drizzled with apple balsamic... YUM!
  16. Natalie Stoute on
    I love cooking with eggs as they are packed full of goodness. A quick and easy dish is a roasted vegetable quiche slice. Roasted vegetables - tomato, capsicum, pumpkin, onion, zucchini cooked with eggs and cheese. Delicious and tastes great cold the next day :)
  17. My healthy eating tips are these 15 ways to Burn More fat! Stay hydrated, eat watermelon (this enhances oxidation of fat), drink milk (low fat), get more vitamin D, eat iron enriched foods, fight fat with fibre, drink coffee or tea (my favourite), eat breakfast, eat spicy foods (capsicum, peppers, chilli speed up your metabolism), stand rather than sit, eat organic, eat more protein, go to bed earlier! My most important tip is when you weigh yourself subtract around 3kgs because I don't believe a woman's boobs and brain should count against them!! Ha, ha!!
  18. My favourite healthy dish to cook is a quick chilli-ginger chicken stir fry! With some fresh garlic, ginger, chilli and soy, it's just a matter of a quick toss of any veggies in the fridge with some chicken in the wok! So quick, tasty and oober healthy and you can make it with practically any veggies you have! Yummm!!!
  19. Caroline Lissaman on
    Spinach and ricotta cheese rolls made with filo pastry. A winter comfort food which is low on calories and high in nutrients!
  20. Minestrone soup with whatever vegetables are in the fridge plus dried borlotti beans and plenty of onions as they maintain their nutrient qualities in the cooking process. If I am feeling more than vegetables I will add some panchetta for the 'meat' taste. Where possible I buy West Australian, the produce has a higher nutrient profile compared to produce that has traveled on a ship or train to reach the supermarket!
  21. I love making stir fry with a homemade sauce. Usually peanut butter, fresh lime juice and soy sauce mixed together!
  22. I love to serve my family grilled marinated salmon fillet on top of a bed of mixed quinoa and brown rice, garnished with lemon and rocket leaves.
  23. kate bartholomew on
    I love making rice paper rolls with cucumber, mint, capsicum, chicken, carrot, noodles and sweet chilli sauce! Getting hungry just writing it!
  24. Lessening oil intake can be very good for health. Instead of frying, even with stir frys, you can cook in water! A little water in the pan will simmer spices, soften onion similar to how oil will, and then veg and/or grains mixed on top of it all for the 'stir fry' effect. You can bake things similarly, which may be called a ragout (i am not positive on that!) Add a thin later of water to baking dish, throw everything in. If things dry out, add more water.
  25. Never failing to impress, our Mango smoothie is the perfect dessert for Summer! Fresh mango cheeks, passionfruit, ice cubes and no added sugar tropical juice, it's Delicious with a capital YUM!
  26. My favourite healthy fast dish, diced chicken, diced tomatoes, diced onion, fresh garlic, fresh herbs, salt and a little bit of tomato paste in a fry pan with the lid on, cook for 10 minutes or so and then add a packet of slim pasta angel hair and heat through. Delicious, quick, simple and gluten free!!!
  27. My go to breakfast on the run smoothie - milk, frozen berries, cacao powder, chia seeds and banana - mix and drink! Yummy and healthy!
  28. My family has a spin wheel we keep in the kitchen that has 8 different veggies on it - carrot, zucchini, beans, spinach, broccoli, onion, pumpkin, and cauliflower. Whoever's turn it is to cook spins the wheel and has to cook a meal that prominently features that healthy ingredient! It was my turn last night and I cooked a fantastically yummy carrot-only stir-fry with honey mustard sauce!
  29. I love making taco's and nacho's. I have just found some great corn chips which taste great and are gluten free. With wheat allergies, we find corn based dishes are great. I am trying to lower my cholesterol and so add lots of avocado, along with all sorts of yummy things, tomato, lettuce, onion, lean chicken, grated carrot, cucumber and whatever else we can find. The kids have normal grated cheese, and I have my heart foundation cheese. We love Macro brand here too, the banana bread is awesome!!
  30. healthy eating is actually easily achievable,and great in variety. most things you buy for a healthy meal can be incorporated into a range of dishes, i think tending to a small vege/herb garden is great, you get the satisfaction of growing your own produce, having access to fresh vege and herbs all the time! i like to whip up a spicy pesto from my garden every weekend, it can be used on bread as a spread, in quick pasta dishes and even in salads and sauteeing vegetables! delish!
  31. lean lamb, with a side salad of rocket and baby spinach drizzled with lemon juice, along with couscous containing red capsicum, basil and cubes of feta cheese
  32. It may seem a catch phrase nowaday but I believe that if you "Eat Fresh" you gain the best the food has to offer both in taste and dietry needs
  33. I follow the family tradition of a plate of salad with every meal. It fills you up, decreasing one's desire for seconds or dessert. Also limiting how much soft drink you have is a great idea; save it for a specific days, special occasions or cut it out of your diet completely. We only have soft drink on the weekend.
  34. I try to grow all the vegetables that we eat,they are so fresh so clean and sweet, eating healthy 3 times a week we eat them raw with no cooked meat, but my tip is moderation grow your own for your health station.
  35. I have a sweet tooth so I love to make raw desserts such as tarts made with nuts and dates blended and then filled with either blended avocado and cacao sweetened with maple syrup or a tofu mouse. Another favourite is raw cheesecake made with the goodness of blended cashews. I love it because it feels like you are being naughty, but it is all filled with such good things for your body.
  36. Stacey Hawkins on
    My tip on building a healthy meal every time is to learn your meats. Which ones are healthier than the others, and which contain different vitamins and minerals. I usually stick to fish or chicken, healthier options and personal preference. I then choose vegetables and fruits (tomatoes or if making a salad try orange slices or pear). I add as many as I can, trying to mix up the colours so you get a bit of all the good stuff. Depending on what I am cooking i try to keep marinades or sauces to a minimum and from scratch. Balsamic vinegar or anything with lemon/lime juice is a good place to start. My favourite salad is a boring old garden salad but on nights where I like to 'splurge', I create a simple walnut, pear and blue cheese, rocket salad. Salads are a great healthy accompaniment to any dish and they can be made in many many different ways, be creative! Meats should be cooked using as little oil as possible. I like to cook with minced garlic or ginger, very good for the digestive tract and is better than splashing on a pan full of oil. If oil is a must for you, paper towel is a great way to soak up the excess after your meal! Theres just so many healthy tips I can share! Try prepacking snacks and lunches before work, it saves both money and you don't have that urge to go to the takeaway store next door for lunch. A handful of nuts or a cup of green tea usually satisfies slight cravings, just avoid salted nuts as youll become thirstier!
  37. My tip is eat what you want, but never too much. Don't order large when you go out, and swap your crockery for smaller sizes to avoid over eating!
  38. My favourite healthy dish to make is wholemeal cous cous. Surprisingly the whole family loves it more than the regular cous cous and will gobble it all up no matter what I put in it!
  39. For tangy lemon chicken (serves 2) Ingredients: 2 lemons, 2 chicken breasts, olive oil, a bunch of bok choy and a packet of rice noodles. 1. Cut lemons in 0.5 cm slices 2. Chop the chicken breasts in half, and then cut the halves into 1cm thick slices 3. Heat a large frying pan then add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan 4. Cook the chicken and the lemon together, stirring regularly 5. Cook the rice noodles according to the instructions on the pack 6. Chop the base off the bok choy and add it to the frying pan 7. Drain the rice noodles and serve This recipe has a very strong lemony taste, which my partner and I love. For those who are not so keen on a strong lemony taste, the recipe could be toned down by using one lemon instead of two.
  40. My healthy go-to meal is stir fry. It's a great way to use up all veggies, easily cooked with no oil and Evie's are cooked quickly which keeps all the nutrients in them.
  41. Yummy flavours, children love it, healthy vegies are a plus. That’s why it’s my THAI GREEN CHICKEN CURRY for us!!
  42. Love to cook tomato and basil penne... as long as I pair it with lots of spinach, lettuce, capsicum & cucumber so the portion of pasta is smaller, it's healthy and delicious! Thanks for the chance :)
  43. My own invention: Mixed salad of lettuce, kale and spinach, with chopped tomatoes and capsicum. Some roasted chickpeas and sliced avocado on top, covered in a sauce made of no fat greek yoghurt (chobani), mint and lemon juice, and eaten with brown rice :)
  44. Lemon and mint cous cous is a great healthy side dish to suit the variety of tastes and dietary requirements in our household.
  45. My healthy and quick fix is making nachos. Steps: 1. Make guacamole and salsa from scratch. 2. Rub some herbs and seasoning on a chicken breast. 3. Pan-fry/bake the chicken. 4. Rest the chicken before cutting it into strips. 5. Assemble the ingredients: pour some tortilla chips into a bowl, pile on the guacamole, salsa and chicken.
  46. Love Jamie Oliver as well! And your cupcakes look delicious! My favourite healthy meal to cook is fun, fuss-free, and something the whole family can enjoy making - homemade potato, rosemary, thyme and tomato pizza with a crisp crust and rustic Italian flavour, it's a definite crowd-pleaser for even the fussiest!
  47. My favourite healthy dish is spaghetti bolognaise..... amazingly I add around 7 cups of vegies in there and no-one knows there's anything but tomatoes :)

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