Love the roast beef gravy rolls at Paul’s 4 Provisions


Paul’s 4 Provisions on 220 St George Terrace is where I go when I feel like comfort food. Whether it’s a lack of sleep or a hard morning at work, Paul’s roast gravy rolls (or dinners) and custard tarts always help me get on with the day.

Last week I had this roast gravy roll ($8.50) for no other reason than being lazy to walk anywhere too far in case it rained…

Paul's 4 Provisions

The bread is fresh, onion cooked through, they are always generous on the gravy and roast beef. Go there at the beginning of lunch as the roast beef goes pretty quick especially during Winter.

For those of you who haven’t been to Paul’s it’s like a canteen – you’ll find sandwiches, rolls, a huge range of hot foods (my friend Mushie always goes the Shepherd’s Pie) and dessert options. There are EFTPOS facilities and a casual dining area which is great when you just want to duck out of the office.

Paul's 4 Provisions

I usually dine in when I have the roast dinner ($12.50) as I find it tastes better when served on a plate rather than having my roast beef, vegetables and chips all squished into a take-away container.

This is the tempting display of desserts…

Paul's 4 Provisions

I went the lemon tart which has the same base as my usual custard tart for a change and it was just as good…

Paul's 4 Provisions

Service is always with a smile and I’d go as far as saying Paul’s 4 Provisions is one of my favourite casual Perth CBD lunch options. They do offer coffee but I prefer to goto my fav Perth baristas who specialise in coffee like Lowdown Espresso, Velvet or Cafe Vinyl.

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