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I love that there’s always something happening in the Perth city of late, keeping those working in the city, staying in the city and bringing everyone else in. The delicious smells of the Eat Drink Perth Twilight Hawkers Market after work on Friday nights has drawn me in every time. You’ll find the Twilight Hawkers Market in Forrest Chase every Friday night until April 26 (except Good Friday).

Over the last few weeks, I’ve collected photos of all the cool stalls we’ve wandered pass starting with the stalls I’ve tried.

This yellow van is at the Twilight Hawkers Market every Friday night I’ve been. It serves Polish jam donuts coated in sugar, they were close to the donuts I had at the Cracovia Club in Beechboro.

Polish donuts van!

Polish Donuts

Amazing sugar goodness…

A dress made out of macarons!

Macarons as featured on the Eat Drink Perth Food Meet Fashion macaron dress above!

Macarons & treats at Twilight Markets

I had a taste of Rancho Latino’s stuffed corn tortillas. Mahara and I shared one serve (2 pieces) of the cheese and chicken for $12…

Rancho Latino’s stuffed corn tortillas

It was my first taste of El Salvadorean Cuisine and I really liked it. Although I did feel a bit greasy afterwards.

Latino stall at Twilight Markets

Like everyone else, the cooking entertainment drew us in to the El Asado stall, a Brazilian BBQ. Mum ordered the beef ribs which we found a bit chewy and plain. Gypsy Cider Kid loves the same ribs we didn’t, so I’d say it depends on how you like your ribs/meat cooked.

Brazilian BBQ at Twilight Markets

Brazilian BBQ at Twilight Markets

El Asado also sell these Brazilian biscuits which my friend Mahara’s other half loves…

Brazilian biscuits at Twilight Markets

The Shak Shaka Authentic Morrocan Food stall smelled and looked amazing…

Moroccan stall at Twilight Markets

Moroccan stall at Twilight Markets

I was impressed to see a Ban Xeo stall. The flavours were ok but my Vietnamese Aunt does them better, it was a bit messy to eat though…

Ban Xeo

The seafood pancake from the Korean stall is on my to eat list…

Korean stall at Twilight Markets - yummy seafood pancakes

The satay stall always has massive queues which I’m often too impatient to wait for but they looked great…

Satay stall at twilight markets

Satays at Twilight Markets

I can’t remember which stall I got these dumplings from but we enjoyed them…

Polish Dumplings

This is the coolest ice-cream van, love the aqua colour…

Ice-cream van at Twilight Markets

If you love taking photos of food, make sure your submit it on Eat Drink Perth’s website to be featured on this Great Wall of Food both online and on Murray Street. The best foodie pic is selected everyday so you’ve got 5 days to go!

Eat Drink Perth Great Wall of Food


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