Brunch at Bunkers Beach Café


After a lovely dinner at Morries Anytime the night prior in Margaret River, burger boy was pretty excited about our next foodie visit. He is not usually huge on going out for breakfast or brunch as he thinks his own bacon & eggs cook up is better 😉 I do love his cook ups but having breakfast out is one of my favourite things to do. Anyway with this in context, I’m excited to say burger boy loved his brunch at Bunkers Beach Café and couldn’t rave on enough about it throughout our weekend down south.

I mean look at this beautiful view…who wouldn’t enjoy brunch with the glistening blue waters as our view 😉

Bunkers Beach

As we waited for a meals, we both enjoyed our lattes which was a good size! The lattes were light to medium bodied in strength and smooth to drink.

Latte at Bunkers Beach Cafe

We did wait a little longer than my usual brunch waiting threshold but we were on holidays and everything was cooked up fresh 😉 burger boy’s advice to me before I checked on our order was “if the table next to us who ordered after us get their meals first then ask” so I did and our order came out not long after. What’s your food-waiting threshold and does it differ on weekdays and weekends?

burger boy loved his traditional fry up, his scrambled eggs were soft & fluffy and the bacon was nice and crispy…

burger boy's traditional fry up at Bunkers Bay

I had the house made crumpets with bacon instead of salmon served with avocado & ricotta.

Crumpets served with crispy bacon, avocado and ricotta

The crumpets were fluffy, the bacon was cooked nice & crispy just the way I like it and the avocado was fresh. However, I think I should have been my picky self and asked for the crumpets to be served with just bacon & eggs only which is what I was craving (I had heaps of burger boy’s eggs) or just went the same as burger boy as I don’t usually have avocado or ricotta with my breakfast.

Bunkers Beach Café was the perfect start to our South West Gourmet Escape. My blog post on the Margaret River Gourmet Escape is coming soon, so watch this space!

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  1. I find my waiting threshold is dependant on time of day as I'll wait longer for dinner...probably because I can drink instead! However I find if I've been out for a run and are waiting on breakfast, my threshold in the morning becomes incredibly short! Having said that, breakfast fry ups are such quick things to prepare. There really isn't many passable excuses for a long delay IMHO

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