Most amazing corn fritters at Taste and Graze in Mandurah


Taste and Graze, Shop 3/16 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah 9535 6900.

On the weekend we had a lovely breakfast at Taste and Graze on recommendation by a Mandurah local.

Taste & Graze in Mandurah

We were so glad we arrived at Taste and Graze close to their opening time as it didn’t take very long for the cafe to fill up – it was packed by 10am! There were clear signs at the counter advising that we need to order at the counter and the menus were at an easy reach. Side note – I find it really awkward when you visit new cafes / restaurants and you have to work out how to order and it’s not obvious i.e. is it table service or not, can you just sit down or do you have to wait? – my most awkward first timer experience was at Andaluz.

At the counter, we were greeted with a friendly staff member who advised that the kitchen was just opening and a large order had just been placed so the wait was approx 15 – 20 minutes. I had been happy to wait but was glad that I was pre-warned as it changed my expectation on timings, plus it was a bonus when the food was arrived as I wasn’t wondering where my breakfast was.

Whilst we waited for our breakfast, I enjoyed the view of the beautiful Mandurah foreshore – would have been even better if the white van hiding half my view would have moved 😉

I was very impressed with the presentation of my latte and burger boy’s mocha.

Latte at Taste Graze

Mocha at Taste Graze

The photo doesn’t do the mocha justice – the four layers were separated perfectly and the chocolate decoration on the foam was pretty cool too.  I really enjoyed my latte, it had a nice creamy texture and burger boy thought the same about his mocha too.

I had the crispy corn fritters stack which was served with crispy bacon, rocket leaves, crème fraiche and tomato relish ($15.50).

Corn Fritters with Bacon at Taste Graze

I can’t rave about the corn fritters enough. I had actually felt like a sweet breakfast (I’m usually a savory breakfast foodie) thanks to tweets by Melbourne food bloggers ieatblog and food_rehab who were tweeting about profiteroles and crème brulee at 8:30am Perth time! So I had chose the corn fritters simply because it was a bit different, I’ve only ever had corn fritters at Toast and in Melbourne and hadn’t ever liked them so I was pleasantly surprised today. |

The fritters were fluffy and soft, almost like a pancake in texture but savory and not as dense. The fritters had juicy corn kernals evenly distributed throughout and it tasted delicious with the bacon, rocket, crème fraiche and tomato relish all on the one fork. The bacon was also cooked just the way I like it, crispy without being too crunchy.

burger boy went for the safe option and had the Egg Benedict ($15.50).

Egg Benedict with Ham at Taste Graze

The presentation of the egg benedict was nice but burger boy felt there was something missing. It was meant to be served with ham, but we couldn’t see it – not sure if it was just forgotten or if it was hidden very well. I had a bite and agreed it definitely needed something salty to balance the tangy hollandaise sauce. I did give burger boy a bit of my bacon which helped so perhaps that was all it needed.

I was very happy with my breakfast experience at Taste and Graze and will definitely be back when we’re in Mandurah next.

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  1. Working in hospitality I have been impressed with Taste and Graze not only once but several times. From Breakfast to Dinner I highly recommend this trendy little cafe. Breakfast Crepes are amazing.... Trendy as..from the atmostphere to the tableware.....A little bit of Melbourne arrives in Mandurah...hooray and thank you to The Team at Taste and Graze.
    • I can't believe it had taken burger boy & I so long to try Taste & Graze especially as we head to Mandurah at least twice a year. I will be having the crepes next time we visit :) thx

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