Perth Night Noodle Markets at Elizabeth Quay


The popular Night Noodle Markets have been running at Elizabeth Quay since the 30th of March which means you only have until Sunday the 10th of April to get your noodle on.


I have to say, I am so impressed with the way Perth is evolving and my visit to the Night Noodle Markets courtesy of Cathay Pacific was brilliant. If you’ve ever experienced an Asian food market then this was an awesome Western recreation of the hustle and bustle of Asian streets where the air is smoky, the food smells delicious and there’s a large throng of people enjoying themselves and making the most of the autumn evening.

FullSizeRender (58)There’s something about dining alfresco, under the stars that seems to make food taste even better and clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so. I arrived at 6pm and already the area was buzzing with activity with people enjoying the wide variety of food on offer or wandering around deciding what to eat.


It’s an eclectic group of people at the Night Noodle Markets, ranging from corporate types who have wandered down after work, hipsters, couples and families with young children all making the most of what the event has to offer. Elizabeth Quay is the ideal spot as it allows plenty of space for people to stroll around and cast their eye over the different stalls available. Tables and chairs have been set up around the place to dine at or you can park yourself on the grass if picnicking takes your fancy. The chilled out tunes of Amy Winehouse and Nora Jones were playing over the speakers and it really added to the already festive atmosphere.

With the Perth city skyline as your backdrop it makes for a really impressive outdoor space and as it was my first visit to the area, I really liked Elizabeth Quay and the potential it has for Perth. The other bonus is the train line and bus port is literally across the road so people who don’t want to commute by car can use public transport.

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There are two bars at opposite ends of the ground for those who desire an alcoholic beverage with dinner or there’s a beer garden to kick back and relax in. With an array of lasers and fairy lights adorning the sky, the Swan River in the background makes for a very pretty sight.


As I wandered around the Night Noodle Markets I was impressed by the range of Asian cuisine on offer and the speed at which people were being served. Even the more popular stalls where people were happy to queue at were moving quickly and efficiently.


The ever-popular Bao Stop was a huge hit and the pillow-y, steamed bread rolls didn’t disappoint. They’ve brought their shipping container kitchen over to Perth from Sydney as part of the Night Noodle Markets. People were definitely keen to see what all the fuss was about and it proved to be one of the favourites of the night. The Bao Trifecta consisting of pork belly, fried chicken and peking duck was in high demand. At $20, it’s one of the more expensive offerings of the night but honestly worth every penny.


Hoy Pinoy was another popular choice for many and I munched my way through their skewers: Inihaw Na Manok – marinaded barbeque chicken and the Inihaw Na Baboy – barbequed pork. A unique flavour to both, the cooking over the open coals added a nice smokiness to the meat. I preferred the pork with its sweet, tender meat and the occasional bite of fat, which added lovely texture to the mouthful.


I ordered a Pad Ew Se Chicken from the Thai stall and it was really good. Large open woks are on display so it’s a visual delight and it was hard to make a decision but I made the right choice. For $15, you get a tray of piping hot noodles, which are silky and soft with a large spoonful of marinated chicken and vegetables on top. A squeeze from the lemon wedge added that touch of sour to the salty sauce and the wonderful chargrilled flavour from the wok.


My final choice for the evening was from the Apple Daily Bar & Eating House as a take away option for my husband. He was suppose to accompany me to the Night Noodle Markets but was unable to attend due to work commitments. I was under strict instructions to bring home something tasty for dinner, as he was really disappointed to miss out. I decided to go with a meat option and ordered the ribs ($12) and chicken wings ($10) which were both covered in a sticky glaze. They traveled home well and were quickly scoffed down once they had been reheated. I declare them a huge success as he made fast work of them in no time at all.


Get down to Elizabeth Quay for the Night Noodle Markets before Sunday comes round and you miss out on such a great event. You really are spoilt for choice if you like Asian food and you don’t want to wait until next year to be a part of such a cultural experience.

Big tip – take cash with you as I’m not sure how many stalls offer card facilities and you don’t want to be on the search for an ATM when you could be eating. Entry is free but with most meals hovering around the $10 to $15 mark, it was far easier to hand over a fist full of fivers in exchange for my meal than worrying about how I was going to pay for it all.

Opening times

Monday to Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm

Thursday to Friday: 5pm – 10pm

Saturday: 4pm – 10pm

Sunday: 4pm – 9pm



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