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Tonight I felt like pizza (it seems that I always feel like pizza on Friday nights) but burger boy wasn’t keen as we had pizza during the week. He was actually quite happy to have a night in and have toasted sandwiches for dinner. I, on the other hand, have this thing with having something more substantial for dinner so we settled for something easy and went to Swish n Chips for fish and chips in Mount Lawley.

We had been to Swish n Chips before and thought it was ok and a bit better than fish and chips in our immediate area so we thought we’d give it another try tonight.

As always I order the batter fish and chips ($11)

Battered Fish & Chips from Swish & Chips

The batter was a bit too thick / oily for my liking but the fish itself was ok, could have done with a little more flavour though. Chips were as you would have at any local fish & chip shop.

burger boy ordered the peri peri grilled fish and chips ($13.50)

Peri Peri Grilled Fish & Chips - Swish & Chips

The fish was cooked beautifully and the peri peri flavour was nice but we did feel it was a little oily.

With the entertainment book 25% discount voucher, fish & chips for the two of us cost $18 plus $8.50 for water and tartare sauce. We thought the fish & chips were great value but the water & tartare sauce was a little steep.

Swish n Chips has won various awards for having the best fish & chips in Perth which I think raises the bar for expectations…Is it the best fish & chips in Perth? In the area maybe, but my favs are Fish on the Terrace in North Beach (approx $30 for two) and The Groper and His Wife  (approx $40 for two) in City Beach.

The fish and chips at Swish n Chips were as we had expected, it’s good for a local and the price. Next time I’ll be having the grilled fish, I had a serious case of buyer’s remorse when I had a bite of burger boy’s grilled fish.

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  1. I love amberjacks on cottesloe beach for fish and chips - perfect on a summers evening, we go and eat them on the grassy banks overlooking the ocean :)
    • Nothing better than fish & chips on a Summer evening and even better with a beautiful outlook! burger boy and I will have to check out Amberjacks when it's a little warmer - thanks for the tip Amber :) we're always up for good fish & chips!

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