Sharing fish & chips @ North Beach with my valentine


For Valentine’s Day, burger boy and I picked up fish & chips from Fish Bar on the Terrace in North Beach and headed for the beach for a quiet and romantic dinner.

Fish Bar on the Terrace was tucked away near all the new terrace homes and we wouldn’t have found it, if it wasn’t for the trusty Urbanspoon App on my iPhone 4.

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The grilled fish was beautifully seasoned with lemon pepper and as you can see in the photo, it looked as good as it tasted. The battered fish wasn’t too heavy or oily and the chips were delicious. We had all of this plus two home-made tartare sauces for under $30 (great value!). It took 10 minutes as promised from ordering to receiving our fish & chips.

burger boy and I haven’t had good fish and chips in ages (there’s absolutely no good ones in our area – we’ve tried them all!) so we were really excited to have finally found a fish & chip shop that does both the fish and the chips right. We’ve found most fish & chips shops do the chips right but the fish is usually undercooked, overcooked or has no flavour.

We’ll be coming back to Fish Bar on the Terrace for sure and there’ll be plenty more fish & chips on the beach. The 15 – 20 minute drive is worth it!

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  1. Good choice! This is our 'local'- consistently good. There is another one closer.... Overpriced, greasy, soggy fish..failed our 3 strikes test. Fishbar on the terrace is streets ahead!
    • I love that Fish on the Terrace is also decently priced. You were pretty patient to give the other guys, 3 tries! I've only tried the fish & chips places around me once and we haven't been back in years ;)

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