The Versatile Blogger Award – foodie cravings first blog award!


I was both excited and intrigued to receive The Versatile Blogger Award over the Easter break. Being fairly new to the blogging world, I knew blog awards existed but just didn’t know how it all worked.

After a bit of pondering and googling, being the curious Gen Y I am, I came to the realisation that blog awards are kudos to bloggers for the time and work they dedicate to sharing meaningful and useful content to the world. Much thanks to Marcie @ The Funky Under Achiever for awarding me The Versatile Blogger Award – I am very honoured and thrilled to be receiving it.

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As part of accepting The Versatile Blogger Award (who would have thought accepting awards had conditions!!) there’s a few things I need to do – the first is to reveal 7 things about myself, so here it is:

  1. I decided to start foodie cravings because of my love for food and passion for writing
  2. I love all things sweet, which I’m sure you would have gathered by all my blog posts about dessert
  3. I don’t have a green thumb – the plants just don’t love me, even when I try to give them some love
  4. I don’t eat meats that stare back at me i.e. whole fish, chicken feet…the list goes on!
  5. I’m married to burger boy who is Italian
  6. I rediscovered cider recently and can’t get enough of it
  7. My favourite colours are pink, purple and silver – can you tell? 😉

The next part of accepting the award is to pass it along to fifteen newly discovered bloggers worthy of The Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve taken ‘new’ as both literally new as in ‘just started’ as well as ‘newly discovered’ by me – and it’s not an easy task as there’s so many awesome blogs on the web.

After much pondering and reading, *drum rolls* I’m excited to award The Versatile Blogger Award, in no particular order, to:

  • Little Miss Bacon – a Perth food blogger who is addicted to bacon and shares her foodie experiences both at home & out
  • Caviar Girl – a London blogger who writes about her travels & food experiences
  • Mum on the Run  – the life of a Perth mum and part-time teacher on the run
  • The Recipe Binder – a food blog which shares easy to make food recipes!
  • Talking with your mouth full  – a South Australian food blog dedicated to passionate eating
  • Miss Bias  – fashion, design and style blogger based in Melbourne.
  • Enjoying the small things  – an inspirational blog filled with beautiful photography
  • For the love of cooking – a food blog filled with low fat recipes using organic ingredients
  • Food Sponge  – a Perth food blog featuring both home cooked meals and restaurant reviews
  • Noodle Cook  – a comical Perth food blog filled with recipes
  • Food Rehab  – A Melbourne food blog which features restaurant reviews and Filipino recipes
  • Mud Pie – A Brisbane gardening blog which donates it’s advertising proceeds to charity
  • Vanity Press  – an Fashion Blogger aspiring to write for fashion magazines like Vogue
  • Mint – a beauty blog based in Sydney, features make-up/skincare reviews
  • If anyone can, FiCan – a new Melbourne blog which writes about film and television

About Author

I have foodie cravings all the time and sometimes at very odd hours, hence the name of this food blog, where I share my love for food and appliances that save me time in the kitchen. I also own Crust Mount Lawley with my burger eating half burger boy and am a mum to two girls - junior burger and baby cravings.


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