Delicious chilli mussels & pizza from Embers in Gooseberry Hills


A couple of weekends ago we headed up to our friends place at Gooseberry Hills for drinks & pizza. burger boy had heard that the food from Embers, a local Italian restaurant was pretty good so we had been looking forward to it all week!

All the build up and anticipation was all worth it – I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of food we had for just $50 (the four of us are big eaters too)!

What I loved the most from Embers was the Chilli Mussels ($20) and that you can pick on a scale how chilli you wanted them. This was particularly appealing to me because I can’t handle my chilli very well, despite being Asian – even burger boy can do better than me and he is Italian! Our friends normally order a chilli level of 7 or 8 but for me we went for the 6 and it wasn’t chilli at all 🙂

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The mussels were a decent size, juicy and the sauce tasted amazing…nice chunks and plenty of it, just the way I like it. The mussels came with a buttered foccacia styled bread which was very tasty and great to dip in the sauce…I had a few pieces without dipping too, great alternative to garlic bread.

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We also ordered 2 large pizzas (it was two for $30 – what a bargain)!

The Carnivore pizza had chicken, ham, beef, cacciatore sausage, BBQ sauce. It had plenty of good quality toppings and sauce was nice but not too intense – although our friend was dipping his slices of pizza in Masterfood’s smokey BBQ sauce! This was my favourite pizza – being the picky eater I am, it was nice not needing to ask for certain toppings to be excluded from the pizza.

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The Foghorn Leghorn pizza (interesting pizza name…) with chicken, red onion, roasted capsicum, fresh basil and BBQ sauce was also nice. I mainly filled up on The Carnivore though as I don’t like onion on pizza unless it is cooked really well or caramelised and I was lazy to pick them off that night…

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It was a great night in with my favourite cider, champagne and great company! If we lived anywhere near the Hills, we’d be getting take-away from Embers all the time.

Embers deliver within the local area, I believe within 5 – 7kms of their restaurant. They also have a restaurant dine-in area but from the other food reviews I’ve read – the dining experience appears to be not as good as our take-away experience so I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you want to try dining in but I’d def recommend the take-away option.

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