My Eat Drink Perth coffee vote goes to lowdown


Besides being the cheapest coffee around town ($3 for a regular & 3.50 for a large), lowdown’s coffee is really good. It’s where I go when I need a caffeine boost, usually Monday mornings and during the week in the arvo. Some coffee places, I find make my latte too weak / strong – lowdown has the perfect blend.

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My latte is always served by the lowdown brothers with a smile – it’s nice to wake up to good friendly service! The lunch menu is good also – the black pig toastie and BLT on flatbread is delicious and is also available gluten free for a dollar extra. And the breakfast muffins are delicious – white choc raspberry if my fav and everyone I know love their banana bread (I don’t eat bananas).

As part of the Eat Drink Perth festivities, lowdown is holding a coffee appreciation course ($15) on Friday (March 4) at 6pm. If you’re interested call Louise at Fiori on 0412 223 614.

To vote for your favourite city coffee place (go lowdown!!) and your chance to win a year’s supply of free coffee visit the Eat Drink Perth website.

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