taste test – cheese burger chicken sushi @ iku sushi!


To kick off the Eat Drink Perth festivities, I wandered to iku sushi and tried their famous Cheese Burger Chicken Sushi $7.50) for lunch today. I’m sure it sounds totally strange but I was eating the cheese burger sushi as I was typing at work and it was pretty good!

It’s essentially a chicken sushi that’s covered with fried cheese on the outside. You get 6 pieces for $7.50 and you can choose to eat it there or take it away. The décor is very funky and does remind me of Japan at night – check out the pic below and you’ll know what I mean. I think 4 pieces of sushi is more than enough though, I struggled to get through the last 2 pieces. I initially thought being sushi it wouldn’t fill me up so I also picked up a gourmet raspberry yoghurt $2.75 from the Herdsman (which was very tasty and I thought cheap for gourmet yoghurt)!

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The cheese burger sushi was a good novelty to try but it does leave a bit of a greasy feeling afterwards. Glad I tried it but it won’t be a regular lunch item for me!

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