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After raving reviews from everyone we knew about Pizzaca in Scarborough, burger boy and I were really keen to give the pizzas a taste test. I crave and eat pizza all the time so I’d say we are tough critics. Anyway, we went for a nice drive to Scarborough tonight knowing that most people don’t usually eat out on Mondays – we heard the queues to get in on the weekend is pretty long – and we were right in coming on a Monday, there were plenty of tables for us to choose from.

We ordered a large and a small pizza (because burger boy was greedy) and I had a strawberry milkshake (bad choice – I could only fit three pieces!). On recommendation, we tried the Prawn Star and the Tandoori Chicken:

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These were both really nice but my favourite pizza was the Budgie Smugglers (chicken, bbq sauce, cheese, bacon) which was really tasty and had plenty of topping:

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The strawberry milkshake was really yummy, I think the extra scoop of ice-cream made it – on the menu it said there were two squirts of syrup and two scoops of ice-cream.

It really was delicious pizza but just a bit more than we would like to pay on a Monday night at a casual cafe – we spent $56 which included everything mentioned plus a bottle of water. I think for the area and the competition around Pizzaca though, the price is probably on the mark because the ‘cheaper’ pizzerias which are claiming to offer gourmet pizza are around the $20 mark whilst Pizzaca are closer to the $30 mark for a large.

I’d come back for the pizzas, but probably not on a week night and I’m keen to try the breakfast on a Saturday as I’ve heard good things too. The staff seemed friendly and there was a nice ambience just a bit pricey so it’d be more of a once every so often foodie experience.

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