Mandurah Part 2 – burger boy wasn’t full after Japanese!


If you read my blog about our Christmas getaway to Mandurah – this is Part 2 😉

On New Years Eve – we went to Taku Japanese Kitchen for dinner, it was a small place off the main strip that I’ve never noticed before, but we thought to give it a shot as we hadn’t booked anywhere for dinner. The Teriyaki Chicken Set I had was tasty and burger boy’s Katsu Chicken was nice too, I probably wouldn’t have gone off the street but saw a good review on urbanspoon.

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Nothing special but a better choice in Mandurah especially on New Years Eve – I really would have liked to have gone back to M on The Point which had a New Year’s Eve party for a mere $10 entry but burger boy wanted to keep this year relatively low key and being his birthday the following day I did not want to object. I did think drinks/food more on the expensive side for a casual Japanese restaurant ($17.50 for my Teriyaki Set and I think my aloe vera canned drink was about $3) – maybe if they decked it out a little, then I’d be happy to pay the price, though I must say I didn’t notice many Japanese restaurants around Mandurah, so they probably can get away with charging what they do.

Taku Japanese Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Anyway after Japanese, from the balcony of the Brighton Hotel enjoying a beer, we saw burger boy’s family wandering around looking for dinner, so we headed down. They felt like a burger, so burger boy took this opportunity to recommend trying a new one we had noticed over the week, the family took the risk and tried Bernies Burger Bar (16/14 Pinjarra Road), which I think looks more like a Kebab Shop but despite taking a little while, the burgers were actually quite tasty. As my blog title suggests – burger boy couldn’t help himself and had a Beef Master burger with chips also (this is after his Katsu Chicken, parts of my Teriyaki Chicken meal and a couple of beers)!! For $10 or so, these burgers were definitely worth trying.

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