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With the festivities approaching, a Juice Station cleanse should be your best friend, especially if you fancy indulging without limits. I for one, am always guilty of over eating cakes and cookies while telling myself that “diet will start tomorrow”. Thankfully, these days juicing is an option, and what’s better is that it is so convenient, and not only gives you that extra boost, but it keeps you nourished, energetic and glowing.

The cosy outlet located on the London Court stretch in the city houses over 10 hand cold pressed juices, and they have very catchy names too! From the Naked Mojito, Antioxidant, Root Reboot to Empty Tank, Beauty Plus, there are many flavours that cater to your needs.

My favourites of this selection tie between the Antioxidant and Empty Tank. The Antioxidant which consists of apple, beetroot, watermelon and mint is said to help with digestion, memory loss whilst keeping you happy all day (it helps with mood balance). The Empty Tank is a deep green juice made up of green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and roman lettuce. This is good for your complexion, digestion and overall health.

All of the juices for the cleanse taste very refreshing and work as meal replacements. Sounds tough, but the juices are actually pretty filling, and if you feel like you need something solid, you can munch on some raw almonds.

Besides the cleanse range, there are some new mocktail’s that will definitely excite you.

The Acai Smoothie, which tasted “healthy” with its’ acai powder, coconut water, banana, strawberry and raspberry. It was dark red and had a slight bitterness to it. Not bad as a breakfast replacement but I much preferred the tropical taste of the Pineapple Pina Colada Smoothie. So zesty with ingredients like lemon and pineapple.

I love that coconut water is used in these drinks instead of sugar, giving the beverage a hint of natural sugar while allowing the natural tastes of the fruits to be the centre  of attention.  There is also a special machine which pumps out the freshest orange juice in town, according to the owner. No sugar added, slightly bitter, that’s when you know it’s the real deal.

The recommended intake for these juices are six 500 ml bottles, replacing all meals for the day. Each of bottle costs $9.90. Alternatively, you can enjoy a 320 ml bottle for $6.90. There are also several healthy food treats available in store to munch throughout the day, my favourite ones are the fudge triangles.

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