Fraser’s Restaurant Branches out into Catering


Fraser’s Restaurant has overlooked the stunning Swan River from its perch on the lush green grounds amid rainbows of wildflowers, at Kings Park since 1993. It was named after the street it sits on which in turn was named after Malcolm Fraser, who was Perth’s first Surveyor General. It has undergone renovations over the years and the complex now boasts a fine dining restaurant, private dining room, function centre and State Reception Centre. Fraser’s latest incarnation, Fraser’s Events and Catering, was launched at a cocktail party this month, to introduce the new concept of offsite catering for weddings, corporate events, parties and a multitude of other events requiring delicious food.

What’s a party without alcohol? A vintage car with Fraser’s own brewed beer greeted us at the entrance and once inside the service was impeccable with margaritas, Howard Park wines not available in bottle shops, and bubbles, all replaced as soon as an empty glass tapped the table. The crisp wines are normally stored in Fraser’s 16 degree wine cellar nestled amongst some very expensive bottles (one is worth over $1300) which are available for purchase.

Executive Chef, Chris Taylor, has been with Fraser’s since the beginning and he obviously runs a tight but fair ship as Head Chef, Erfan and second in command, Subagia have both worked for him for over nine years. They collaborate on the menus together and consider a range of issues before deciding on what to include for each event. One of the dishes available is a prawn salad which includes papaya, snake beans, curry paste, chillies, shallots, balacan and peeled coconut. It has a little kick to it but is delicious.

Dishes which are simple and quick to make are ideal. Turkish bread with homemade hummus is always a winner and would be included on any order I made. A great addition to any menu.

The dishes are prepped during the day but sauces and meats are cooked at the last minute to ensure freshness. I’ve always found lobster a bit underwhelming but this sliced seafood with chipotle sauce and coconut salad with capsicum mint, exceeded my expectations.

My favourite flavours originated from these deep fried marron with chilli jam. A little messy to eat but the sensational taste made up for sticky fingers.

Chris didn’t really specify a minimum number of people Fraser’s would cater an event for but anything less than 20, I believe he said probably would not be beneficial. He is confident they can serve between 200 to 500 people but the menus would have to be adjusted accordingly to ensure smooth service. These spicy chicken sticks looked innocent enough but had a bit of a bite to them!

Easy to eat with one hand, these bao buns with soft shell crab fried in tempura butter and salad, or pork and salad – cabbage, carrot, onion, chilli with Japanese mayonaise, were impossible to stop at just one.

A variety of deli meats, cheeses and breads were displayed at the launch and too tempting to pass by without sampling.

The catering menu is divided into two – summer and winter with one specialty dish available on each menu. Arancini balls would definitely be included on my list and they can also supply a selection of bite-sized seafood options.

Dessert was worth waiting all night for. The creme brulee was decadent and delicious. Served hot or cold it is a versatile addition to any menu.

Fraser’s Restaurant is open every day for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and dinner 6pm until late. Reservations can be made by phone 9481 7100 or online at

Enjoy on site dining with a beautiful backdrop of the city or let the food come to you as Fraser’s Events and Catering serves your next celebration.

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was invited as a guest of Fraser’s Restaurant. See disclosure policy for further details.


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