Is the Queens Tavern’s new burger a flamin-goer?


If you’ve been up Beaufort Street in Highgate, chances are you’ve seen the Queens Tavern. The building’s impressive facade is decorated with drinkers on most evenings, but it also holds a Perth restaurant that’s launched something different over the festive weekend.


The Queens has run regular long-weekend specials since 2015, pouring $10 mojitos alongside some nifty branding. The latter focuses on the Tavern’s flamingo artwork, which helps to decorate Beaufort Street. This year, they’ve gone one step further: a flight of  limited edition”flamingo burgers” will be available on the menu over the long weekend.


Before anyone gets in a flap, I should add that these patties are not actually made from pink birds plucked off the African Savannah. The flamingo factor comes in the shape of the (naturally dyed) brioche bun, offering a less serious sandwich than those following the current trend for black bread. The decision to think pink apparently began on the East Coast, but – to my knowledge at least – the Queens is the first place to bring the buns to Perth.


And they do look rather photogenic. But while the style of a snack has perhaps never been more important (cheers, Instagram), thankfully most of us still focus on flavour. And happily, the flamingo burger wasn’t just a case of pretty in pink. A generous helping of breaded chicken ticked both crucial boxes: tender meat and a crisp coating. The seasoned crumb had a pleasing crunch, and was nicely supported by a sriracha/ranch dressing duet.

There was also a decent helping of fresh salad, while the chips were just that – proper chips. This is very much a matter of personal preference, but if you sit in the “chunky” camp, I reckon you’d enjoy the spuds served here: fluffier cuts of pub-style potato, rather than greasy fries.


“From ordering to devouring, our food is simple and easy to access,” said The Queens’ Senior Assistant Manager Craig Dobbs.

“The burgers will just add an extra element of cheeky fun over the Christmas long weekend, plus they’ll provide interesting photo opportunities.”

“Most likely they won’t be a permanent feature, but if all goes well they may just return every long weekend – there are quite a few coming up!”

If you don’t fancy dyed-dough, The Queens’ regular menu reads like a pub food textbook, with a full complement of classics including beef wellington, fish and chips, pork belly and steak. In the right hands, this sort of traditional tucker is far from a bad thing, and several of the descriptions sounded tempting to me. Chicken curry pie with yoghurt and cauliflower relish could be a winner in the sunshine, while “Moroccan” pizza with roast veg, hummus and mint hinted at a tasty option for non-carnivores.

There’s a reasonable selection of brews to peruse, too. Feral Brewing’s Hop Hog (WA) is rarely a bad option, but I noted the presence of Mash Brewing’s Copy Cat IPA (WA), and Matilda Bay’s Redback (Vic), which I haven’t yet seen on tap elsewhere in Perth.

And while the flamingo burger might strike some as a touch pricey at $24, you get more than your money’s worth with the Queens’ long-weekend staple: discount mojitos. We thought the staff hit the perfect balance with their mix for the classic; it was refreshing, sour, and with none of the artificial sweetness that can ruin a cocktail.


If you like the sound of all/any of the above, details of the Queens’ Christmas and New Year schedule can be found on their website.

The Queens Tavern (520 Beaufort Street, Highgate), is open 10am – 11pm Mon to Thu; 10am – 12am Fri & Sat; 9am to 12am Sunday.

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was invited as a guest of The Queens Tavern. See disclosure policy for further details.


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