Saturdays are at Farmers Market on Manning


We love the Farmers Market on Manning and try get there at least once a month as a family. The kids are always awake early and so it’s a great place to start the weekend. We stock up on fresh produce and have a hot cooked breakfast (with no effort and dishes for me) – win win! It’s worth going hungry, as there are a variety of food stalls available.

Those who are regular market enthusiasts know the tricks when it comes to the Farmers Market on Manning. Bring eco friendly bags, an esky and cash in hand for all the purchases you plan to make (and the impromptu ones too!)

We usually head straight for the coffee so we can do a lap around and check out the stalls with a hot beverage in hand. Our regular coffee van, the Caffeine Machine is certainly popular but well worth the wait.

From there, we seek out our friends who are regular Farmers Market devotees. With outdoor settings located at either ends of the market, we take a seat at one of the many available and catch up over breakfast. They’ve even allocated certain areas for people with dogs so they can enjoy their meal in the company of their furry friend.

My go to breakfast place at the Farmers Market on Manning is definitely Wholey Crepe – it can’t be beaten. The crepes are made fresh in front of you; it’s usually cheerful Ben wielding the ladle.

With a wide selection of fillings available, I tend to stick to the dessert option filled with Nutella and marshmallows. They have buzzers that allow you to wander around if there is a wait for yours.

After eating, we normally grab another coffee and then I go select what fruit and vegetables we need for the week. The prices may not necessarily be cheaper than the supermarkets but everything is so fresh, the produce lasts considerably longer than anything bought from a store.


Depending on what I feel like, I might pick up some Eurofresh dry streaky bacon (the best kind) and bread for Sunday lunch. There’s also the option of picking up meat from Ruby’s Organics where they promise that it will be tender, delicious and juicy. Their animals are 100% grass fed and there is no use of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics or artificial inputs.


farmers market on manning pasta
I love the fresh pasta too, which is available from Authentic Handmade Pasta. From $5 a container, this makes dinner so easy as it cooks in minutes. Made from flour, eggs and semola, it tastes amazing and only needs a few simple ingredients added to it to make a meal.

farmers market on manning juicemanning-farmers-market-macarons
Depending on how persistent Oscar is (and how weak my resolve) we do another lap and buy some treats. Macarons are always a favourite and freshly squeezed juice. I think everything tastes better when it’s made local and you feel good for supporting small business.

farmers market on manning macarons
What I also like about the Farmers Market on Manning is that parking is free. It does get busy but to make it easier, volunteers are on hand to direct you around the campus and the crowds tend to come and go so parking isn’t a problem.

The Farmers Market on Manning is held every Saturday from 7:30am until 12:30pm and is at the Clontarf Campus (opposite the Chem Centre) on 295 Manning Road in Waterford.

For those of you who live inner city, read our post about Michelle’s fav Subiaco Farmers Market.


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