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Have you ever contemplated going vegan or vegetarian in an attempt to become healthier but almost instantly shrugged it off because you would miss all the ‘yummy foods?’ Well I know I definitely have but after visiting Veggie Mama in Mount Lawley for a weekly catch-up with Michelle (aka food blogger behind foodie cravings), my nah was turned into a yah! Okay so I didn’t go full vegetarian after visiting but it definitely opened my eyes to the fact that vegan and vegetarian foods can be interesting and very delicious.

As I walked into the Veggie Mama café that was brightly lit with natural sunlight, my eyes were immediately drawn to the freshly made food like Filos ($7.50) and Quiches ($7.50) which were displayed near the counter. Michelle’s eyes of course were focused on the sweeter items on the menu such as the Raw Apricot Scroll and Raw Lemon & Fig Balls (both $2.95). And fortunately for me when Michelle ordered her drink she also ordered the Raw Cacao Slice for us to share!

Now I must admit while I am recalling my excitement for this raw slice, I was a bit hesitant at first to try it as I couldn’t understand how something that is usually cooked in an oven could still turn out almost the same without using any heating methods to create it. But one bite and I couldn’t believe people bothered to make baked goods when you could just make something that was healthy, scrumptious and required almost no effort to put together.

veggie mama slice
At first mouthful the slice almost melted in my mouth, as the texture of it was so smooth and you could taste a hint of coconut. Michelle thought it tasted almost like a cherry ripe and I must admit I would much prefer this $2.95 slice to a bought chocolate-bar. Michelle was also eying off the brownies ($3.50), sticky date muffins ($3.95), cheesecake ($6.50) but decided to save herself for lunch. It was great that these were all either dairy, egg or gluten free so that there’s something for everyone!

Along with this raw slice we also ordered some juices; a blueberry smoothie ($7.95) for Michelle and a Cold Pressed Green Juice ($8.95) for myself. Both were of very reasonable size and cheaper than other options you might find in the area. Now I have heard about almost every fad diet and super food out there- from the benefits of kale and bananas to dark chocolate and having a sip of red wine each night. I had heard that ginger does wonders for your immune system and is very high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties but I had never tried it. So when I saw the Green Juice consisted of kale, apple, lemon, and ginger I just knew I had to order it.

veggie mama smoothies

Let me tell you, after about three sips of my Green Juice I swear my whole soul had been cleansed. I definitely think ginger is an acquired taste and because I was a newbie to the flavour I was a little shocked at first sip, but I got used to it. If you are wanting a feeling of purity after drinking a juice I would definitely encourage you to add ginger into the mix.

Michelle loved her blueberry smoothie, she tells me it was nice and smooth with a sweet and creamy texture. But her excitement wasn’t focused on the drink- it was on the toy box situated in the corner of the shop near the entrance. It was great to seen that Veggie Mama caters to all; and even welcomed those with children to come in and have a coffee or meal without the feeling that they should ask for it to go.

The service was friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere for relaxing. The prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity that they provide. Going to Veggie Mama certainly opened my mind to the fact that vegetarian food options can actually taste good and satisfy you without the feeling that you need a donut after it. While I still do love my eggs and roast dinners I am more open to trying more vegetarian and vegan options when I go out and Veggie Mama is somewhere I would definitely visit again.

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